Linda Vickers | Potomac, Maryland

post thumbnail Featured Designer: Haleh Niroo "I instantly fell in love with Habersham’s Old World elegance." - Linda Vickers

Habersham client LVresidence1 542x347 Haleh Niroo © 2009 Habersham HomeHabersham client LV 267x401 Haleh Niroo © 2009 Habersham Home

For Linda Vickers, it was love at first sight … Visiting homes with her real estate agent in anticipation of a planned move with her husband to Potomac, MD , Linda came upon a spec home by David Niroo, Niroo Masterpieces. During her tour of the 25,000‐square‐foot home, Linda was taken with the custom kitchen that David’s wife and interior design partner Haleh Niroo, Haleh Design, Inc., had created.

Habersham Custom KitchenVickers  Residence

Working with the custom kitchen cabinetry design team at Habersham, Haleh had fashioned a stunning space that is as fabulous as it is functional. Haleh’s choice of rich, hand‐styled finishes for the spacious island, Venetian Hearth range hood, integrated refrigeration and other cabinetry exuded an Old World look and feel that instantly captured Linda’s attention.

“She fell in love with the kitchen and when I told Linda about Habersham’s custom capabilities for other rooms in the home, including the master suite, she saw a special opportunity,” says Haleh. “The chance to create an interior design environment custom tailored to her own needs and style sensibilities was especially appealing to Linda.”

Habersham Custom CabinetryHabersham Custom Closets

For the master dressing room, Haleh was faced with a number of challenges ‐‐ a third of the closet space was taken up by a large window and the other walls had obstacles and obstructions. Haleh’s solution – to outfit the space with wall‐ to‐wall mirrored panels and storage areas by Habersham. Framed in a soft, hand‐styled Sandemar finish , the mirrors helped to dramatically open up the small 10 ‘ x 12’ space.

Habersham Custom BathHabersham Custom Bath Cabinetry

“Your home should envelop you in luxury every time you step through the door. That’s especially true with the master bath,” says Haleh, pointing to the Habersham custom vanity and mirror designs she chose for the space. If you look in the mirror you’ll get a glimpse of the Habersham Bibilotheque that is also part of the master suite.

“I believe that beauty is in the details,” adds Haleh, explaining how Habersham’s finishes and custom designs provided the perfect complement to the master bath’s chandelier and ceiling mural. “I worked very closely with Linda to understand exactly how she wanted to use and enjoy this space.”

Habersham Belmont SystemHabersham Valencia Table

For the family room, Haleh chose Habersham’s dramatic, custom‐styled and hand‐painted Belmont TV unit as the central focal point. Habersham’s Valencia Table and Adelaide Chairs provide a casually elegant touch to the dining room.

Haleh and Linda are still working together on other parts of the home, including a “Doll Room” where Habersham cabinetry has been used to showcase Linda’s exquisite collection of antique and rare dolls.

“I love working with the Habersham line,” adds Haleh. “From the limitless custom capabilities to the versatile styles and finishes, Habersham always helps me meet and exceed my client’s expectations.”

Builder Showcase Home | Northville, MI

post thumbnail Featured Designer: Cheryl Nestro "Habersham’s capacity for custom work is nothing short of amazing." - Cheryl Nestro

Cheryl Nestro of Tutto InteriorsWhen Cheryl Nestro learned that Habersham had significantly expanded its fine furniture and cabinetry custom capabilities a little over four years ago, she knew the line was the perfect match for her newest project.    At the time, the award‐winning interior designer and owner of Michigan‐based Tutto Interiors had partnered with a local builder, the owner of Vistal Homes, to help design the interiors for his 8500‐square‐foot showcase home in Northville, MI.

“I’ve always had a passion for Habersham so I introduced the builder to the line and he loved it,” Cheryl says. “Habersham’s grand scale furnishings and stunning finishes have been the perfect fit for the larger Michigan home projects I typically work on, like this one. And, the company’s capacity for custom work helped seal the deal.”

Habersham Featured Home in Northville MI

Always up for a challenge, Cheryl started with the home’s expansive living room. “This was an oddly shaped room with all sorts of angles that were best dealt with through custom, built‐in design work,” she explains. “So I took specifications from a Habersham furniture piece I thought was stunning, did some drawings of the space and then worked with the Habersham team to redesign and modify the piece for the area around the fireplace. Habersham shipped the finished design and the builder installed it onsite.”

Custom Built Furniture From Habersham

Custom Art By Habersham

For the library, Cheryl chose a configuration of Habersham’s Belmont library system to work within the space. “We installed the Belmont first and then the builder followed with a lovely coffered ceiling and wall paneling to give the room a rich, built‐in look.”

Habersham Belmont Library SystemHabersham Custom Belmont Library System

Cheryl also created a striking built‐in look for the dining room with Habersham’s St. Julien Cabinet . “We literally built the room around this piece,” she explains. “The crown molding was designed to meet the crown of the cabinet. I chose the beautiful Empire Studio finish to complete the look.” As she was designing the home to reflect the style preferences and design tastes of her builder client, Cheryl worked to carry these deep, more masculine finishes through key rooms of the interior space.

St Julien Cabinet Showcased In Dining RoomHabersham Hand-Styled Finishes Blend Into Any Decor

The home itself is nestled along a small body of water. To complement the beautiful view from the master suite, Cheryl chose the Palm Court Media Center in the soft, Sandemar finish, to create a light, airy look. Providing the perfect contrast to the light tile and stone in the master bath, as well as a hand‐finished barreled wall concealing a stairway to a gym below, Habersham cabinetry was hand‐finished in a rich, deep Brittany tone for a stunning effect.

Habersham Palm Court Media CenterMaster Bath Cabinetry By Habersham

The home was recently sold to new homeowners who fell in love with the location, unique architectural styling and Habersham furnishings and cabinetry.“When you find someone who really loves Habersham, who understands the nuances of the line and the grand statement it can make, there’s no turning back,” adds Cheryl.

Jim & Pegi | Banner Elk, North Carolina

Home 267x237 Jim & Pegi © 2009 Habersham HomeJim and Pegi Jim & Pegi © 2009 Habersham Home

“Habersham helps an exquisite European chateau feel right at home in Banner Elk.”

For Boca Raton couple Jim and Pegi, their dream vacation home was not designed to be the place to get away from it all. “Rather it became the place where everything comes together,” says Pegi.

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Habersham Kitchen | Potomac, Maryland

post thumbnail Featured Designer: Haleh Niroo "Habersham’s old world elegance helped us create a kitchen that is the new heart of our home." -

Luxury Interior Designer Haleh Design Inc  Custom Kitchen Cabinetry by Habersham

“I wanted a beautiful new room that just happened to be a totally functional kitchen,” said the homeowner to her designer, Haleh Niroo, Haleh Design, Inc. Sometimes renovations can be tougher than starting from scratch. But Haleh understood exactly what her clients wanted. The homeowners both agreed that “working with Haleh was like no work at all.”

Taking care of three children and managing busy medical and surgical practices left little time in their demanding schedules to begin renovating parts of their lovely 14-year-old home. The goal? To begin transitioning some of the home’s beautiful contemporary interiors to reflect styles that were more classical in nature.

Habersham Custom Kitchen Cabinetry byHaleh Design Inc Luxury Interior Designer

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Mike & Cookie | Hampstead, North Carolina

post thumbnail Featured Designer: Nancy Scott "We have two fabulous kitchens, we call it His and Hers Habersham" - Mike & Cookie

HH Ward Home kitchen 267x364 Nancy Scott © 2009 Habersham HomeHH Ward Home sink cabinets 267x364 Nancy Scott © 2009 Habersham Home

Cookie has always been a fan of Habersham and their custom-designed, handcrafted furniture. “I was absolutely delighted when I learned that Habersham is now creating extraordinary kitchen and bath cabinetry,” said Cookie. “It’s a natural extension for them because their design sense just organically lends itself to the whole home.”

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Laura & Stephen | Great Falls, Virginia

Robinson House Laura & Stephen © 2009 Habersham Homerobinson Laura & Stephen © 2009 Habersham Home

“The feel of a Mediterranean villa, right here in Great Falls. Grazie, Habersham.”

When Laura and Stephen Robinson began designing their home in Great Falls, they had two goals in mind. First, the home was to serve as a showcase for the wide range of capabilities and custom features that Stephen’s business, Chesapeake Construction Company, could provide. The second was to create an environment conducive to large-scale entertaining for the many fundraising events the philanthropic couple hosts throughout the year.

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Kim & Paul | Sherborn, Massachusetts

Dacier HouseKim and Paul Dacier

“Habersham helped us bring the Mediterranean to Massachusetts.”

“We can’t imagine life without our Habersham kitchen,” exclaims Kim. “This incredible space, which includes our wet bar and pantry, is the heart and soul of our home.”


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Reynolds Plantation | Greensboro, Georgia

post thumbnail Featured Designer: Allison Belans "Habersham is right at home on the waterfront." - Allison Belans

allison belans 12 Allison Belans © 2009 Habersham Home

Life at Reynolds Plantation revolves around the amazing natural beauty of rolling hills, pristine landscapes and the wide shimmering expanse of Lake Oconee. When Allison’s clients, who reside fulltime in Melbourne, Florida, decided to build their second home in this much-desired area, working with Allison truly was a dream come true.

“Every client has a story to tell me about their ideas on life,” says Allison. “The first thing I want to know is what is important to them, what is not, and how they’ll want to spend time in the home we are creating together.”

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Gwen and Bogie | Vienna, Virginia

Steidlitz 267x189 Gwen and Bogie  © 2009 Habersham HomeSteidlitz Home

“The first part of the process in building your dream home is finding the perfect place,” says Gwen. “I wanted the convenience of an urban setting, but also wanted lots of tree-lined streets and a true neighborhood feel. I found it in beautiful Vienna, Virginia.”

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