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Home 267x237 Jim & Pegi © 2009 Habersham HomeJim and Pegi Jim & Pegi © 2009 Habersham Home

“Habersham helps an exquisite European chateau feel right at home in Banner Elk.”

For Boca Raton couple Jim and Pegi, their dream vacation home was not designed to be the place to get away from it all. “Rather it became the place where everything comes together,” says Pegi.

Nestled among the rolling hills of a 2.5 acre lot within the renowned Elk River golf community in Banner Elk, NC, the 15,000-square-foot home has allowed the couple to surround themselves with many of the things they truly love and enjoy – family, friends, golf, horses, natural beauty and a grand European design that offers space…lots of space.

dining living1 542x201 Jim & Pegi © 2009 Habersham Home

“I’d always been fascinated by Biltmore and the grand, yet casual looks of European chateaus,” explains Jim, a commercial real estate developer and trained engineer who worked closely with Andrew Scott Kirschner of Jackson, Kirschner Architects and Associates in collaboration with Rick Palmer, Rick Palmer Associates of Banner Elk to design the home. “Habersham furnishings were a natural choice for us. The richly detailed, soft European styled finishes and designs, combined with the character, strength and scale of the pieces, provided the perfect complement for our large rooms, high ceilings and lifestyle look that flows through our home.”

Bedroom1 542x359 Jim & Pegi © 2009 Habersham Home

Officially named “Porte Cochere” by Jim and Pegi, the home soon gained the nickname “baby Biltmore” from the county’s Planning and Zoning Department. Living up to that noble title, the magnificent mountain estate truly captures the European architectural styling, design and spirit of entertainment and hospitality that once defined the landmark Ashville, NC estate at the turn of the century.

Bedroom2 542x359 Jim & Pegi © 2009 Habersham Home

From beds and occasional tables to dining tables and chairs, Habersham pieces can be found throughout the 6 bedroom, 7.5 bath home. “Habersham fits perfectly with our home, our lifestyle needs and the beautiful natural surroundings,” says Pegi, explaining how the home quickly swells to 18-plus when the couple’s four children, spouses, nine grandchildren, nannies and dogs come from around the country to gather at the family vacation home during the summer months. “We designed each bedroom to be a master suite to allow optimum comfort and convenience. Habersham’s beautiful hand-painted beds and other casual, yet elegant furnishings helped to create the warm, welcoming and unique looks we wanted for each room.”

Family 267x315 Jim & Pegi © 2009 Habersham HomeBedroom3 267x315 Jim & Pegi © 2009 Habersham Home

To help with the massive interior design project, Jim and Pegi enlisted the help of their daughter Jamie, who recently launched her own design business, JKM Design Associates LLC, in the Atlanta area. “Our challenge was to maintain the elegance and sophisticated European home style my father loved, but with a casualness imperative for a mountain estate,” Jamie explains. “We thought that the only way to achieve this difficult objective was through the look and feel of the antique furniture. When I saw the Habersham collection for the first time I was thrilled. I knew I’d found the solution. Not only were they some of the best reproductions we’d seen, but they had such a wide range of finishes, as well as incredible detail and unbelievable craftsmanship. They were better than the real thing!”

“For this project, we genuinely needed pieces that said, ‘Come in. Sit down. Stay awhile,’” she adds. “With Habersham, that is exactly what we’ve achieved.”


  1. teresaslackhargett said:

    Your home is exquisite – exactly what I picture as a dream home. I’m somewhat of a displaced southerner, as all of my extended family is from below the Mason-Dixon line and my father choose to come upstate New York to the finger lake region in the 1940’s after the war with his bride from Abilene Texas! He came from the University of Maryland to work on his Phd at Cornell University and he ended up teaching here from 1945-1984 when he retired. By then I met a northern boy, had three daughters, went to Cornell myself and even worked there too. But now – I see a way back home (so to speak), My oldest daughter went to the University of Maryland, and is now married and living in Bethesda. My middle daughter has been living in Chicago for several years, basically having having fun and enjoying the city life but recently has been talking about wanting to move somewhere ‘warmer’ and closer to her sisters. Which brings me to our third daughter who is her third year of college on a lacrosse scholarship (or I wouldn’t have let another one go that away!) It’s a small school 40 miles south of Charlottle, NC just over the border into South Carolina. Seeing your lovely home has made me even more determined that we can can all get closer together in and around that area. I’m no longer working and 54 – my husband is 57 and wants to stay here until he retires in 8 years. I say that’s WAY too long to wait! A picture of your house and the beautiful way you’ve furnished it with the Habersham pieces that allow it to look so homey and comfortable; and appropriate for the style of the exterior of your home is going up somewhere in a central place in our home so we can focus on our dream! AND I know your home will be.what convinces my husband that the time to retire is now while we can still influence our daughters to move closer together and we can be near them as well. They grew up in an extended family situation, because my parents lived on the other side of our duplex house – but the doors between were never shut. Now both of my parents have passed and the girls want a similar way for their children to know us. I’m working on it, Your house will be on my mind everyday, basically the basis for our next family move and be drawing us all closer, and my hope is in North Carolina. Your picture is going to be the basis for our next big family move south. You did a marvelous job – tell your daughter what good taste she has; it looks like you enjoy a close family too. Take care and thank you so much for sharing your lovely home. Terry Slack Hargett, Ithaca, NY

  2. karen curran said:

    Hi Pegi & Jim – The pictures of your home are outstanding. I remember when it was in its infancy. Congratulations on seeing this project through and for creating a beautiful and spacious space.
    Enjoy !!

  3. Teresa Elliott said:

    Your home is so beautiful, my sister worked for you, Celeste Hall, she talked about how amazing you all where and how beautiful your home was. Thank you for showing your heart thru all that beauty.

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