Gwen and Bogie | Vienna, Virginia

Steidlitz 267x189 Gwen and Bogie  © 2009 Habersham HomeSteidlitz Home

“The first part of the process in building your dream home is finding the perfect place,” says Gwen. “I wanted the convenience of an urban setting, but also wanted lots of tree-lined streets and a true neighborhood feel. I found it in beautiful Vienna, Virginia.”

SAGE, Gwen’s thriving interior design business in the Fairfax County area of Virginia, attracts an affluent clientele who looks to her for help on a wide array of projects – from single rooms to complete home design.

“My home is a classic DC Bungalow, impeccably designed on the outside and beautifully furnished on the inside with many extraordinary pieces from Habersham Home,” adds Gwen.

Steidlitz Dressing Room 542x402 Gwen and Bogie  © 2009 Habersham Home

“The word ‘Home’ was key in my mind,” she says. “The interior called for many of Habersham’s grand scale pieces, but the overall feel is warm and welcoming. This line really lets you express your own sense of style in every room.”

“I know looks, textures, color palettes and what pieces match personalities,” Gwen says. “Habersham is unequaled in their offerings. You can truly customize each piece according to your tastes and lifestyle. I look to them for creating the perfect pieces for every space. For our home and for my client’s.”

Gwen made sure the kitchen took center stage. “This is the heart of my home,” she says “I have a 19- year old son and a big old Bernese Mountain Dog. Our kitchen and family room are the hub of activity.”

Steidlitz Kitchen1 542x364 Gwen and Bogie  © 2009 Habersham Home

Gwen worked closely with Habersham to create a Grand European, casually elegant, working kitchen. “It’s absolutely ideal for entertaining, relaxing and unwinding. We created two islands, topped with richly textured Jerusalem stone and embedded with fossils. That is uniquely us.”

Habersham completely understands “focal points” and personal touches. A perfect example is the hand-painted Venetian Hearth range hood design flanked on either side with curio cabinets framed with antique glass.

“As I worked through the interior design of my new home, I knew that Habersham would be my partner in creating our lifestyle,” says Gwen. “Their tastes and talent match mine, perfectly. At the end of the day, we all love coming back to our Habersham Home.”


  1. Annette Rich said:

    I have a customer loves this kitchen. Could I more information pictures, finishes or photos for Nicole(customer) to view?

  2. Hi Annette — I willl email over some additional images to you.

  3. Mercedes Jones said:

    What is the name of the finish, on the bottom left photo, of the beige cabinet drawers and doors, with chocolate brown trim, please? Also, in the bottom right photo, what is the finish name on the light grey island, with dark brown trim? Will you be adding names of the finishes to each photo in the Featured Homes Gallery?

  4. We will check with the designer to confirm the finishes and post here soonest.

  5. Finish on all is the Huntington Studio. Accent is actually black.

  6. Karin Darella said:

    The islands are fantastic.
    I would love to see some additional photos of this kitchen if possible. Many Thanks.

  7. Hi Karin — We don’t have any additional photos but in a separate email I will send your our kitchen and bath brochure that shows some additional shots. In addition, if you’d like to contact us directly at with your contact info, we could have one of your territory representatives contact you to answer any questions you may have.
    Habersham support

  8. Can you pls send me photos of kitchen…..specifically island with sink.
    Is this three equal sides…5 ft? Is dishwasher and trash pullout on same island as sink and if so where is it placed?
    Cabinetry is beautiful but does layout of kitchen prove practical?

  9. Hello Christine and thank you for your inquiry. If you can let us know the city/state where you are located, we can have a Habersham representative for your territory contact you to provide any additional pictures and answer the questions that you have.

  10. christine page said:

    Pls. have Habersham representative contact me. I am in West Islip, NY. I am interested, as stated in May 7th on web page, of Habersham kitchen designed by Gwen Seidlitz.

  11. Thank you for your inquiry Christine — I will have Habersham’s territory manager for the NY area reach out to you.

  12. christine page said:

    Please let me know where to purchase pendant lights in kitchen and what color/material is on countertop?
    Is it travertine or granite?
    I am so in love with this kitchen. Totally beautiful. I tried duplicating it in my home.

  13. Thank you for your inquiry Christine — if you message us direct at and let us know your city and state, we can have one of our representatives for your area reach out to you to answer questions and provide more information.

  14. jolinda said:

    I have a client who loves this kitchen. Can you give me more information about the backsplash? Thanks, Jolinda

  15. thank you for your inquiry Jolinda — If you can message us directly at we can have our Habersham representative for your area reach out to you to answer your specific questions about the project. Thanks!

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