Haleh Niroo | Potomac, Maryland

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Haleh Niroo,
Haleh Design, Inc.
Potomac, MD

“I love everything about Habersham – the detailing, the quality craftsmanship, the finishes, and the wonderful staff. They have the image I desire to project for my designs.”

Haleh Niroo has made quite a name for herself as a high-end designer in Atlanta, Georgia and Potomac, Maryland since 1992. “My initial inspiration for quality designs was ignited watching my father and his passion for creating exquisite fabric designs in his textile factory. My education in France, extensive travels across Europe and my love for art history expanded the passion and inspiration,” she explains.

Florentina Bed v2 542x361 Haleh Niroo © 2009 Habersham Home

Florentina Bed
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The vision Haleh brings to life creates luxurious, harmonious and lively spaces that allows her clients’ homes to become distinctly their own. “I believe that beauty is in the details,” says Haleh. “We work very closely with clients to understand exactly how they want to use each space. Our designs always include the finest craftsmanship, attention to detail, and state of the art technology.”

Habersham Custom Kitchen

By keeping the integrity of the classical designs, Haleh Design creates the perfect sense of proportion and scale in each room for her elite clientele. Foyers have the effect of walking into brilliantly lit, majestic palaces. Bedrooms blossom into exquisite sanctuaries. Kitchens quickly become the “heart of the home.”

Habersham Custom Closets
Haleh Design services range from pre-construction to the finest finishing details. This includes space planning; detailing (ceiling and wall treatments); custom cabinetry, furniture design, built-ins; window treatments; art and accessories; colors and faux finishing. “Habersham is a crucial element in the whole look,” Haleh adds.

Habersham Custom Bath Cabinetry
She currently works in partnership with her husband David’s construction company, Niroo Masterpieces. Together, they design and create some of the country’s finest high-end homes. Click here to see a recent interview with David on CNBC.

“We believe that your home should envelop you in luxury every time you step through the door,” says Haleh. “Classical values are the foundation of our philosophy to bring timeless elegance to your living spaces.”


  1. aimpenn said:

    Can I get the paint color from you? It’s stunning.


  2. dempsey said:

    What is the name of your color choice for the kitchen…love it !

  3. jereann said:

    Simpy gorgeous every room.

  4. First, , let us apologize for not responding sooner to your inquiry. So sorry! Are you still looking for more information? if so, let us know and we would be happy to have a Habersham Territory Manager contact you to answer any questions you may have. thanks!Again, our apologies for not getting back to you.

  5. Would you send me the color of the paint and glaze used on the cabinets please? Exactly what I am looking for and I am redoing my kitchen now. Absolutely stunning kitchen.

    Thank you!

  6. Hi Karen — if you would like to provide me with your city/state location, I can have a Habersham representative contact you to provide details on the cabinets.

  7. Tawni Nine said:

    I live in the Pittsburgh area. This kitchen is just beautiful and I would like to know where I can get Habersham around here.
    Thank you so much,

  8. Hi Tawni — we will ask our Territory Manager for the PA region to contact you to answer any questions you have about Habersham kitchens. Thanks for your interest!

  9. Deb said:

    Hello, I too am in love with this kitchen. Can you ask your Territory Manager contact me as we will be building a new home within the next two years and this is the exactly what I have been looking for. Thank you and you do the most amazing work


  10. Hello Deb and thanks for your inquiry. I will ask our territory manager for Indiana to contact you. Happy New Year!

  11. Allie said:

    Hi! Such a stunning kitchen! Can I get information on the paint color and glaze used for these cabinets?


  12. Thank you for your inquiry — these are from Habersham’s family of finishes. If you’d like to learn more about finishes and cabinetry, we’d be happy to put you in touch with territory manager for your region. You can email directly and let us know your city and state at haber4@habersham.net. Thanks!

  13. Thank you for your inquiry Allie — We would be happy to share details about our finishes and cabinetry. If you’d like, you can message us directly at haber4@habersham.net. Let us know your city and state and we’ll have one of our representatives for your territory contact you. Thanks!

  14. Hello Anna and thank you so much for your inquiry. I will get in touch with the Habersham office to see who we can connect you with to discuss your kitchen plans. Will be back in touch shortly!

  15. rosanna said:

    could you tell me what size Valencia table is pictured here and if it is the 60 or 70 inch? thanks

  16. This particular table is available in a variety of sizes. To find out specific details about this one pictured we would be happy to have the territory manager for your region contact you. If you message us directly at haber4@habersham.net and let us know your city/state, we can contact you with details. Or your can visit our dealer /designer locator at http://www.habershamhome.com/find-a-designer-dealer/

  17. Kim Raynor said:

    Interested in the corbel, I need it unfinished, who is the mfg?
    Thx, Kim

  18. Isabel said:


    I completely love your Kitchen. Would you please send me the color of the paint and glaze used on the cabinets. I am redoing my kitchen and it’s exactly what I would love to have in mine.
    Absolutely stunning Love love love this kitchen.

    Thank you so much to respond

  19. Hi Kim — thank you for your inquiry. If you message us direct at haber4@habersham.net we with your city and state location we will have one of our territory managers reach out to you to answer your question about the corbels in this design and any other questions you may have.

  20. Thank you for your inqiury Isabel. If you’d like to message us direct with your city/state location, we can have a territory manager follow-up with you to provide any details on the finish you are interested in and other questions about our line.

  21. Vickie said:

    I live in Arlington, Texas. Can you tell me where I can find the paint/glaze that you used on these cabinets? Thank you so much!

  22. Beverly Juliano said:

    Is there a rep in the Cleveland, Ohio area. Getting ready to build.

    Also, coming home from Florida, is there a store we can stop and see in Georgia or South Carolina?

  23. Thank you for your inquiry Beverly. We have asked our Ohio representative to reach out to you and she’ll be in touch!

  24. John Athans said:

    My wife and i love the Old world Kitchen. I have a house in Naples florida that i will be retiring to in 18-months. I want this kitchen look, just don’t know if i can afford it.\

  25. Thank you for your comments John. You might want to reach out to a dealer/designer in your area to find out more about styles and pricing. To find the dealer nearest you, you can visit http://www.habershamhome.com/find-a-designer-dealer/

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  27. Kosara said:

    I love you kitchen. We just finish our kitchen and I’m stuck on backsplash . I love yours . What stone is that and center pice? Where I can fin-order?
    Please if you can help me ASAP
    Thank you
    P.s. I’m from Michigan

  28. Thank you so much for your inquiry Kosara — To learn more about our featured designer you can visit Haleh Niroo’s website at http://www.halehdesigninc.com . She make the lovely choices on everything from the backsplash to the overall design.

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