Suite Retreat: The Closet Takes Center Stage

Habersham Custom Dressing Room DesignsA key growth area in our custom category has been the dressing room/closet area. We’re seeing increasing demand in both new home construction as well as renovation projects of older homes.

So I was especially interested to see a recent article in the Wall Street Journal (February 11, 2013) entitled, “The $100,000 Closet,” by Candace Jackson.  The article details the  closet’s evolution from a humble storage space to that of a trophy accessory, detailing how the space is  growing in size to rival living rooms and equipped with breakfast areas, sound systems and chandeliers.  In the article, Ms. Jackson writes:

Once a secondary space designed primarily for storage, the humble closet is taking center stage. The latest in high-end master closets go well beyond the typical walk-in and are created to look more like plush lounges or designer stores. Clothing and handbags in glass display cases are lighted like sculptures; custom-designed couches are arranged near Baccarat crystal bars or dedicated breakfast areas.

Designers and architects say for some clients, the cost of the closet can rival or surpass that of the kitchen, topping $100,000 for large, custom-designed walk-ins with luxurious cabinetry, sound systems and office nooks. Increasingly, developers and home builders aren’t only installing windows in closets, they are also configuring home layouts to make sure the closets capture some of the best views and natural light.”

The article goes on to highlight when this trend really started to pick up steam –  “Designers say the move toward more elaborate closets first began five to 10 years ago, and accelerated among wealthy homeowners with the debut of the 2008 film version of ‘Sex and the City,’ when Sarah Jessica Parker’s character, Carrie Bradshaw, sees a home with a sprawling walk-in closet big enough for her large shoe collection.”

We’d love to help you with your shoe collection!  Whether your space is large or small, we can create a luxurious retreat that is as fabulous as it is functional. From Old World looks to grand American casual influences, you can choose from a vast palette of hand-styled finishes, wood stains, design styles and custom cabinetry options to create a luxurious and fabulously functional area that marries quality design with modern convenience. Visit our website to see some of our recent dressing room projects.


  1. Jamie Kindberg said:

    That closet is off the chart gorgeous. I am building a new home and hope to achieve that look in my dressing room. I have always loved Habersham. Through my designer, I have purchased several pieces. At the present Habersham is designing one of the work islands in my kitchen. One is designed for work, but the other is being designed to match a Habersham table with a dark walnut top and a green base created only by Habersham. Kitchen & Bath Galleries is making all of my cabinets
    I can’t wait to see your display at the High Point Market

    Jamie Kindberg

  2. Thanks Jamie! When your home project is done, send us some pictures!

  3. Dressing said:

    Lovable closet designs which occupies the more space , even thought it can store more things inside the closet.

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