Of Royals and Manors: Our English Country Style Offers Genteel Comfort For Today’s Kitchen

As royal weddings have been in the news in recent months, I thought I’d blog about our English Country style.  Rustic, yet elegant, our English Country designs take their inspiration from architectural elements and furnishings once found in English manor homes of the 18th and 19th centuries

When creating these cabinetry designs, we often look at an array of different design lines and styles ranging from Queen Anne to Victorian to Sheraton.  Capturing the spirit of the English garden, the finishes we often choose are soft and light, often incorporating hand-painted florals and hand-rubbed, worn looks.

From range hood designs  to functional countertop curios to clever storage features and more, we’re always looking for ways to expand our custom cabinetry capabilities to help clients create the kitchen of their dreams.  Contact us tEnglish Country Custom Kitchen Cabinetryoday to learn more about our custom options and design styles.


  1. Susan sun said:

    Honored designer,
    Have a nice day! This is from Susan, Hi-design International Publishing Hong Kong. We are planning to publish design books about english country style. We notice that your works are quite excellent and impressive. They are exactly what we are always looking for. Would you like to join and send us some of your current completed works? We will quite appreciate if you can send some projects related to us to be published in our coming books.
    Of course you can also provide us other project about english country style if you like. That would be better!
    We promise: Contribution, Edition, Printing and publishing are all free. We will send you free sample books once your works are published.
    Here are some details as following.
    1.live action shooting images(at least 12), not less than 300DPI, larger than 2000*3000, taken by professional photographer to be printed
    2.plan, elevation, sectional drawing and hand drawing
    3.Designer’s portrait and CV (about 800 letters).
    4.details of the project(including location, area, completion,designer, design company , photographer and description of the project about 1500 letters)
    Please send them as soon as possible,the deadline is May 10th.
    Please tell us whether you are interested or not,thank you very much!
    Looking forward to hearing from you soon!
    Best wishes!
    Susan Sun

    Hi-design International Publishing(Hong Kong)Co.,Ltd
    Tel: (+86)0755 86508080
    Fax: (+86)0755 86586558
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  2. Thank you for your inquiry. If you have more details to provide to our marketing company, we will be happy to review. You can send to home@habersham.net
    thank you

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