Latest Website Enhancement: See our Entire Biltmore Chateau Reserve Collection Online

HouseFront 542x387 Latest Website Enhancement:  See our Entire Biltmore Chateau Reserve Collection Online © 2009 Habersham HomeWe’re continuing to expand and enhance our website offerings.  Among the newest additions, you can now see all the designs in our popular Biltmore ® Chateau Reserve Collection.

The Chateau Reserve Collection draws its inspiration from the  entertainment and hospitality that defined the landmark Asheville, North Carolina estate at the turn of the century.  The collection’s grand scale designs and accent furnishings perfectly reflect the art, architecture, history and ambiance of the estate.

George Washington Vanderbilt, world-traveler, art aficionado and grandson of famed railroad industrialist Cornelius Vanderbilt, completed Biltmore House in 1895.  The 250-room French Renaissance-style chateau, tucked away in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Asheville, North Carolina, was first and foremost a home.  It was also an oasis for Vanderbilt’s family and friends to retreat from city life to a timeless world of elegance and refinement.  Comforting, yet uncommon.

Our vision for this collection has been  to create furniture in keeping with the Vanderbilt vision — designs that enable the discerning individual to escape from everyday life. The quality, artistic style and versatility of our Biltmore line invite you to truly express your  own sense of style.  So click here to see the full line.


  1. Randy Young said:

    I’m interested in the Biltmore Road Cabinet, and would like to know how to match color options with existing furniture, and how to price the product. Would a retailer have samples of your color choices, or are there samples I could purchase to compare and contrast with the existing furniture?

  2. Grace said:

    I really like your blog, it kinda reminds me, I was totally chatting with my neighbor on this just the other day. Turns out she’d been hoping to hire a painter and was trying to find the time to look up, contact and screen painters (understandable) that is until she came across this cool resource. Just thought I’d contribute it here in case someone else has almost no time for that work either!

  3. Hi Randy — yes, Habersham dealers would be able to show you color samples and provide pricing. In addition, you can see our finishes on our site here —

    To find your nearest dealer, you can go here on our site too —

    Let us know if we can provide any additional information, thanks!

  4. Hello Randy and yes, your area Habersham retailer should have samples of our finish options. You can also see our finishes here–

    If you need to find your nearest dealer, you can go here

    Let us know if you need anything else, thanks

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