Infinity Mirror

04-2000 3 Infinity MirrorsThis retro mirror design can add a classic contemporary accent to any room with its circular motif and distressed finish. Available in your choice of finish options, this eye-catching design is sure to become the focal point of the room. For a truly unique effect, line two or three of these mirrors along a wall.


  1. djclark said:

    Hi: I am Donna Clark Interiors and probably should have signed in as a Designer. I am looking for a bathroom vanity.

    Thanks for the help.

    Donna Clark

  2. Lorena said:

    How much is one of this mirror? How much is the set?

  3. Hi Lorena and thanks for your inquiry. Are you a dealer/designer? If not, you can visit this link to find a dealer/designer in your area who can provide pricing info on the mirror and answer any other questions. Thanks for your interest! Link:

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