Don Peck, Mill Manager


Don Peck 267x400 Don Peck, Mill Manager © 2009 Habersham HomeWith more than 25 years of experience in the wood cabinetry industry, Don Peck knows how to bring the right team together for even the most challenging custom projects.

And that’s no easy task at Habersham, where high quality, customer satisfaction and discriminating standards are job one. In his supervisory role, Don oversees every furniture and cabinetry design from the moment the order is placed until it reaches the final finishing stage. As such, he manages and organizes every step – insuring that the correct materials are available, that everyone has the right tools, and that everything stays on schedule and within budget.

“I’m a facilitator,” Don says. “I work to match the right engineers and craftsmen with each project – keeping a close eye on the nuances and unique specifications of every custom order.”

It’s a job, says Don, that he greatly enjoys. The day-to-day challenges that come with managing made-to-order design projects keeps things interesting.

“Where some furniture companies mass produce 20 of the same design, we’re set up to focus on one piece at a time. When a customer asks us to make a given design 9’ high instead of 10’, that’s no problem for us. We can quickly respond to these types of requests . That’s what makes us special.”


  1. JoAnn Smith said:

    looking for the Habersham hutch,it came in honey or nutmeg,I believe,this was a tall narrow piece of furniture.The top doors were shaped in a cathedral design with wire in them.Had two shelves all the way across the hutch.Below was a space,underneath was two drawers with porcelain knobs.Next was two more doors,solid doors,in cathedral design.The bottom was not straight across,but had a design to it too,don`t remember how that was.Maybe this gives you enough to go on,to recover this piece.I`m sure the ones that started the Habersham have a book on all their furniture.Had this piece back in the early 80`s.

  2. Thank you for your inquiry JoAnn- – this does not sound like an item that is still in our line. You might visit this section of our website to see if you find anything similar —

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