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My Favorite Habersham Piece

by Erin Holbrook  |  
November 30th, 2009

The Monet Canopy Bed is my favorite piece by Habersham. It has simple lines yet still has a grand presence. It is a timeless design that could easily be incorporated into any design style from modern to traditional.

HABERSHAM-Monet-Canopy-Bed.jpg (56 KB)

Wish List!

by Linda Bair  |  
November 21st, 2009

Our new home is coming along beautifully. I have
my eye on Habersham’s gorgeous custom kitchens, butler’s
pantrys and dressing rooms. They are the very best that’s
out there, and I’m dreaming BIG! Here’s their Michelle’s Dressing
Table that especially like, too:

33-3360-Michelle's-Dressing.jpg (89 KB)