Crown Point Chest

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December 14th, 2013

01_1746 Habersham Crown Point Chest With Antique Mirror Behind MullionsOne of the many new designs that joined our line during the Fall 2013  High Point Market, the Crown Point Chest can add a touch of casual elegance to any room.  Bringing antique mirror together with sleek, curved mullion designs, this transitional style is versatile, fabulous and fun.

Winter 2014 Market Highlights

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December 1st, 2013

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Donna and Dave

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October 31st, 2013

Donna and Dave Allen

“The flexible Habersham design process made our dream home a reality.”

Photography by Peter Rymwid

For Donna Allen, home design isn’t a process, but a passion. Working closely with husband Dave, she designs home interiors and exteriors for their building and renovation projects. Whether it’s a spec home or a room project, Donna oversees every element of the design process – from wrought iron exterior accents to cabinetry crown molding.

The duo has worked with Habersham on a number of projects and when it came time to build their own home, they planned to use it in one room…and just kept going.

Habersham Custom Kitchen Cabinetery  Integrated Refrigeration and More

“We fell in love with Habersham when we first saw it years ago in a designer showroom. It’s a company that truly ‘gets it’ about furniture. The pieces are well made– calling upon a time-honored design process,” says Donna. “I had a design in mind before I even started working on this home and Habersham perfectly reflected my vision.”

Since the couple’s children and grandchildren lived in Raleigh, Donna and Dave decided to pull up stakes from their home base in Alabama and move to North Carolina. The Habersham Custom Kitchen Cabinetery Breakfast Areaneighborhood they chose was in the historic Five Points area of Raleigh, so it was important to the couple to design a home that not only worked within the architectural, landscape and other certified requirements of the neighborhood, but one that blended aesthetically with the other homes and overall atmosphere as well.

“The homes here are Tudor, French Provincial, and Georgian, so we opted for a European Georgian style to maintain the integrity of the neighborhood – carrying the style from the exterior to the interior,” Donna explains. “Our home reflects our travels and interest in art and handmade craftsmanship – from the Habersham cabinetry and furniture right down to our stairway, which is all hand-turned wood.”

For the kitchen, Donna wanted a casual European elegance with a new world twist. “I wanted a casual look with a touch of whimsy,” she explains. “Your home should have your own stamp. In Europe you don’t find homes that are all French or all Italian—that’s more an American thing. Because of Habersham’s design flexibility, they allow you to make your own space unique. The design team is very open to your ideas, shows you how things can work with your colors, and then helps achieve your vision.”

Donna drew and scaled her kitchen, working closely with the Habersham team on molding choices, dimensions, reviewing board/color samples and more. “The process worked so well for me,” she says. “The Habersham team is not locked into design restrictions—rather they wanted to help me with everything I hoped to achieve.”

Habersham Custom Mantle  and Coffee Table DesignDonna had found antique, hand-carved animalia designs from the 1800s and early 1900s that she wanted to incorporate to create a “Hunt” theme. Habersham‘s artisans worked with her to paint the designs and integrate them into the cabinetry.

Playing to her sense of whimsy, there is a fox looking out from the range hood, while a dog searches for him below. Fish and fowl designs on hunt plaques tie the theme together, while Victorian rosettes above the integrated refrigeration complete the look.

In the living room area, Donna wanted to find a way to create an Old World fireplace that could work with their TV. She drew the design and again worked with Habersham to create a custom design that effectively blended Old World sensibilities with modern technology.

The family room brought its own design challenges. “I wanted a country home in the city, but with this lot and building in a city, there were limitations,” she says, explaining how they were not able to place the family room/study on the first floor. “So we moved it upstairs and made it work.”

Habersham Custom Home Office Design

To provide dual workspace so their daughter would also have room to work when she visited, Donna and the Habersham team created a “workspace office.” Each side provides plentiful, practical room for a computer, dvds, and desktop. Designed to look like three drawers on either side, the space includes one top drawer while the bottom two are actually a single file cabinet.

“The piece and its finish offer a comfortable, relaxed look, which is so important. You shouldn’t feel ‘afraid’ of using or damaging your furniture. Comfort is key,” she says.

The master bath was designed with two opposing his and hers sinks. Donna wanted an elevated backsplash, which Habersham accommodated by providing a rounded front allowing the sink and faucet area to be pushed out further.

Habersham Custom Bath Cabinetry Master Bath

“If you look in the mirror of the ‘his’ side here, you will see how we tried to create a complimentary, yet different look for the ‘her’ side with three sections of mirror and chandelier lighting.” Habersham Guest Bath Custom Cabinetry

A lovely guest bath also reflects the overall design style of the home with its casual bead board and soft, hand-styled finish.

For the bedroom, Donna and Dave were able to order a customized addition to an existing piece of Habersham to make room for a larger TV.

When they originally purchased the media center/sideboard 9 years ago, Habersham shipped it with a sample board featuring the finish from the piece. Donna was able to ship that finish board to the factory to use in matching the new piece that now sits on top and holds the TV.

The addition is versatile too, as it is designed to either sit on top as shown, or be mounted on a wall.

Habersham Custom Entertainment Center

“If you can envision it, Habersham can create it–working closely with you along the way. It is a wonderful design partnership experience,” said Donna.

Habersham Custom Project Raleigh NC

Fall 2013 High Point Market Intros

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October 26th, 2013

01_1752 Habersham Provence 3-Drawer Chest

Click here to see all of our Fall 2013 High Point Intros.

Among them:

01-1752 PROVENCE 3-DRAWER CHEST – Shown in Habersham’s Charleston Grey hand-styled finish, this design can lend a touch of casual elegance to any room.  Circular accents, crystal drawer pulls and classic design lines complete the look.

Fall 2013 High Point Market Intros

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October 26th, 2013

Scroll through our the newest custom cabinetry innovations and furniture designs that joined our line during the Fall 2013 High Point Market

Habersham Fall 2013 High Point Showroom EntryFALL 2013 SHOWROOM ENTRANCE When buyers arrived, they were instantly transported to Paris.  Taking its inspiration from a Parisian flat one might find in the city’s wealthier suburbs, the front room of the showroom put the spotlight on Habersham’s latest custom cabinetry innovations.  Among them, new crown molding, new pilasters, a new entry/arch system, new drawers, flush mount outlets,  banquette island and much more. The space also highlighted Habersham’s newest finish series, Parisian Luxe. This multi-step, “paint-on-paint” finish offers rich, aged looks.

Habersham Custom Banquette_Area

BANQUETTE ISLAND — Ideal for a formal or informal kitchen style, this design is as fabulous as it is functional.  Easily seats three and aligns perfectly with virtually any table style too.

Habersham Archway

ARCHWAY ENTRY – Make a grand entrance to any room with this new cabinetry design.  Completely customizable this piece includes a lovely rosette in its center top.

Habersham Entryway Rosette_Detail

ARCHWAY ENTRY ROSETTE – Detail shot of the lovely rosette at the center top of our new Archway Entry.

Fireplace Wall 542x406 Fall 2013 High Point Market Intros © 2009 Habersham Home

FIREPLACE WALL – Showcasing the many new style elements Habersham is using it its custom fitted room cabinetry designs, this fireplace wall is a study in understated elegance.  From new crown molding and pilasters to the lovely Parisian Luxe finish and hand-painted accents, your custom choices are limitless.

Habersham custom kitchen cabinetry

KITCHEN DETAIL – This view gives you a closer look at the detailing and styling of the wall mount range hood , curios and other cabinetry elements.

Habersham Integrated Refigeration Cabinetry

INTEGRATED REFRIGERATION CABINETRY — A closer look at the refrigeration cabinetry, showcasing new crown molding , new pilasters, hand-painted art accents and more.

01 1709 542x752 Fall 2013 High Point Market Intros © 2009 Habersham Home

01-1709 CHELSEA OCCASIONAL TABLE– Shown in Habersham’s Greystone finish, this new table design blends classic lines with transitional styling for a versatile accent that can work in any décor.  Antique mirror on the  inside back adds textural interest.

01_1746 Habersham Crown Point Chest With Antique Mirror Behind Mullions

01-1746 CROWN POINT CHEST – Bringing antique mirror together with sleek, curved mullion designs, this transitional chest design can add a touch of casual elegance to today’s home.

01_1747A Habersham Tuscan 2-Drawer Chest With Art

01-1747A TUSCAN 2-DRAWER CHEST WITH ART –Bring a touch of Old World Europe into your home with this lovely design.  Meticulously hand-painted traditional French filigree artwork adorns the front of the two drawers.  Offering an elegant, subtle backdrop, the rest of the piece is finished in Habersham’s Warm Silver.

01_1752 Habersham Provence 3-Drawer Chest

01-1752 PROVENCE 3-DRAWER CHEST – Shown in Habersham’s Charleston Grey hand-styled finish, this design can lend a touch of casual elegance to any room.  Circular accents, crystal drawer pulls and classic design lines complete the look.

01 1753 542x782 Fall 2013 High Point Market Intros © 2009 Habersham Home

01-1753 PROVENCE 5-DRAWER CHEST – An ideal lingerie chest, this modern/transitional design is a study in simplicity and style.  Clean lines and crystal drawer pulls add a touch of understated elegance.  Shown in Habersham’s new Parisian Luxe finish, Imperial Green.

01_2362 Habersham Bahama Sideboard with Curio

01-2362 BAHAMA SIDEBOARD WITH CURIO –   Our popular Bahama Sideboard design now joins Habersham’s new Designer’s Choice program,  which allows trade customers to  select from a variety of options.  Among them –  up to 10 different mullion choices for door fronts; interchangeable doors ranging from glass, solid or mirrored options; clear or seeded glass; mirror or antique mirror glass; hardware options and more.  When it comes to molding, choices range from two different base options, three crown molding styles, as well as six pilaster designs.  Hand-painted art can also be custom-tailored to reflect a specific color swatch.

01 2746 525x800 Fall 2013 High Point Market Intros © 2009 Habersham Home01-2746 ADELAIDE DISPLAY CABINET –Showcasing a new mullion style on its door front, this design blends clean lines, mirror and a hand-styled finish for rich looks.

01_2747 Habersham 2 Door Adrienne Display Cabinet

01-2747 2-DOOR ADRIENNE DISPLAY CABINET –Show you treasures in style with this delightful display cabinet design.  Sleek and stylish, the piece is available in countless finish options.  Glass doors and clean, simple design lines offer versatile looks that are at home in casual or contemporary settings.

01_2795 Habersham Allison Home Theatre

01-2795 ALLISON HOME THEATRE — First introduced during the Spring 2013 Market, this clean, classical design returned for Fall Market to showcase its versatility.  Shown with 40” width at its center, it can be custom-sized  to hold most 60” TVs.  Shown in Habersham’s Basilica White with Warm Silver.

01_3356_M Habersham Moderne Coffee Table With Glass Top Ends and Antique Mirror Base

01-3356M MODERNE COFFEE TABLE –  Inspired by the Art Moderne architectural style that emerged in the 1930s, this design can lend a contemporary accent to today’s home.   With antique mirror at its base and sides, this design will add a  sense of space and elegance to any room.  A glass top adds an elegant touch.  Shown in Habersham’s Warm Silver finish.

Allison Home Theatre

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October 2nd, 2013

01-2790 Allison Home TheatreAmong the latest additions to our popular American Treasures ™ collection, this striking design will hold most 60” TVs with its 60” w x 17”d x 39” opening.

Habersham Launches ‘Designer’s Choice’ Program During Fall 2013 High Point Market

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September 10th, 2013

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Donna and Paul

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August 7th, 2013

Habersham Home Tulsa OK ExteriorDonna and Paul at Home

“Habersham's custom cabinetry helped us complete the vision we had for our dream home.”

Architect: Pat Fox, Fox Architects
Photography by Peter Rymwid

“This home is the topper to my life, a true labor of love,” says Donna, describing the stunning home she shares with husband Paul in Tulsa, OK.
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Sonoma Wine Corner Cabinet

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August 2nd, 2013

23-2700 Sonoma Wine Corner Cabinet

Sonoma, the heart of California’s wine country, inspired the lovely, understated monochromatic art on our new corner wine cabinet, shown here.

As fabulous as it is functional, the Sonoma Wine Corner Cabinet offers a wonderful storage showcase for your wine collection.

As with all our designs, this piece can be customized to your size and space needs and finish options are limitless.

Veranda and Architectural Digest – July /August 2013

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June 5th, 2013

Arch Digest Tablet Ads LG Portrait 542x722 Veranda  and Architectural Digest   July /August 2013 © 2009 Habersham Home