Americana Acorn Creek Cabinet

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February 28th, 2015

Habersham Americana Acorn Creek Cabinet

This month, we’re putting a spotlight on our new Americana Acorn Creek Cabinet.  Meticulously hand-styled and finished, this  design brings earthy textures and tones together with reclaimed wood for a casually elegant, rustic look.

It’s just one of a number of pieces in our new Americana group, which includes one-of-a-kind artisan designs that bring clean lines, hand-styled details and layers of texture together to create some truly lovely accent pieces.

As our designer explained, “Our overall goal was to create works, inspired by God and nature, to help make the home a place where families want to be.”

Visit the Furniture section of our website to see all of our new Americana designs!

Nadia 2-Door Cabinet

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February 2nd, 2015

Nadia 2 door cabinet

Blending classical and contemporary elements, this piece can add a hint of drama and elegance to any room.

A black finish with meticulously hand-styled floral art catches the eye while Swarovski  crystal knobs , which come standard, offer a touch of whimsy.

This particular design is also offered in other styles and finishes, including our new Valentina and Aria 2-Door Cabinets.  Visit the Furniture section of our website to see these and other designs.

Tutto Interiors Home Project

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January 31st, 2015

Tutto Interiors Home Project Images

“The media cabinet from Habersham perfectly reflected my client’s glamorous style sensibilities.”

Featured Designer: Cheryl Nestro, Principal, Tutto Interiors

What began with a mattress on a metal frame soon evolved into an extensive, award-winning home interior redesign project by Cheryl Nestro of Tutto Interiors.

With the exception of that mattress and frame, the 10,000-square-foot home was completely empty when Cheryl arrived for her first meeting with the client.

“The home is traditional in style and my client showed me a range of inspiration photos that were very glamorous, evoking the look and feel of a different era,” said Cheryl.

After that meeting, Cheryl embarked on an extensive remodel of the home. Among the many things Cheryl did included tearing out walls to open up spaces; adding 9’ and 10’ doorways to the lower level to let the outside in; and converting a former theater room into a basketball court.
Cheryl Nestro Design For Tutto Interiors
“We completely redecorated all three levels of this home,” she says, explaining the complete transformation. “My client is a doctor with a very busy lifestyle so our goal was to create a stylish, yet comfortable home environment that gave him a place to truly unwind.”

As you step into the home, you are immediately transported to that “different era” by a view of an expansive double stairway. Cheryl added extensive millwork to create a sophisticated, stylish ambiance.

Tutto Interiors Design Featuring Habersham
Beyond the entrance is the stunning great room, which features Habersham’s American Treasures East Hampton Media Cabinet.

“These days, it is unusual to work out a great room plan that does not feature a TV over a fireplace,” she explains. “Since the space didn’t have a fireplace, it gave us the chance to house the TV in a media cabinet design from Habersham that perfectly reflected my client’s glamorous style sensibilities. “

From Award-winning Designer Cheryl Nestro of Tutto Interiors
The entire project took 18 months to complete. In addition to recognition from the design community with a Detroit Home Design Award for Best Traditional Great Room/Living Room, Cheryl received what she considered the best reward of all – complete client satisfaction…

“He told me, “I feel my house has evolved into something I never imagined it could be.”

Habersham Winter 2015 Winter Market Highlights | New Americana Grouping, Latest American Treasures, Biltmore® Chateau Reserve Designs

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December 21st, 2014

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Custom Spotlight: Fontaine Bleau Vanity

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December 8th, 2014

Habersham Custom Fontaine Bleau Vanity

Offering a fresh new look, this tapered pedestal vanity design  was a custom design we created for one of our clients. Offering a casual, yet classic design statement, it features a lovely Roman acanthus filigree around the frieze.   Perfectly sized for a guest or half bath area, the design shown is finished in Sandemar with gold tipping on the embellishments.

We offer a wide range of custom capabilities, designs and styles.  Contact us today to learn more!

MPM Interiors Home Project

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December 2nd, 2014

Habersham Master Closet Design Chapel Hill

“Habersham is so versatile. With so many rich, hand-finishes, it’s perfect for any style and lends a casual elegance to any room in any size home.”

Featured Designer: Michelle Murphy, MPM Interiors and

“I like to start with one piece and then build around it,” says Michelle Murphy, founder, creative director and lead designer, MPM Interiors and

It’s an interior design process that has served her well over the years, especially with her latest project –the renovation of a 2,800-square-foot home in Chapel Hill, NC. The client approached Michelle after purchasing a home down the street from her grandchildren. She told Michelle that she wanted her new home to reflect her own personal style and the way she was feeling about her life right now – light, airy, happy.

“My client loves ‘shabby chic’ looks but she’s definitely not shabby,” laughs Michelle. “Her style is more shabby chic meets Chanel.”
Habersham Chest Foyer Chapel Hill
As the two went through Michelle’s project book to discuss ideas, her client fell in love with a Habersham master closet design and wanted something similar for her home.

“I started with the master closet design, working with the Habersham design team to select light, lovely finishes and motifs that incorporate a French aesthetic,” Michelle explains. “From there, I worked to carry out this look for the entire home – with hints of French elements and clean, airy looks flowing throughout – creating a spacious, peaceful atmosphere that could become my client’s sanctuary.”

Michelle chose Habersham’s La Rochelle Hall Chest in a soft, hand-styled blue finish for the foyer. “The foyer opens to the living room which, in turn, opens to the hearth and dining rooms. I thought this piece offered a great introduction to Habersham –with the same blue tones and French elements that I chose to carry throughout the home and tie it all together,” she explains.

For the living room, Michelle’s client wanted a way to showcase her family photos and memories. “Built-ins would have been too intrusive for this space,” Michelle says. “But Habersham’s Belmont Library offered the perfect solution. It provided flexibility we wouldn’t get from built-ins – allowing the option to change and rearrange if the need occurs down the road.”
Habersham Belmont Library System
The other side of the living room features an antique mantle from Paris and 18th century tile work, so Michelle wanted something with a “wow factor” that also exuded a Parisian influence and antique feel.

“Habersham gave us the look we were after while still maintaining the light, airy elegance we wanted for this space. The line is just so versatile,” Michelle adds.

To Michelle, it’s very important that there is a sense of flow and cohesion as you move from room to room, rather than rooms that exist independently from one another. She kept that in mind when she chose a tin ceiling for the kitchen.

Searching for that “ special something” that would effectively tie the master closet and the kitchen tin ceiling together, Michelle and her client came upon a fireplace mantel display in Habersham’s showroom during a buying trip to the High Point Market. They knew they had their answer.
Habersham Fireplace Mantel with TV
The fireplace mantel offered the perfect complement to Cape Fear Reclaimed Beams on the ceiling. For a personal touch, Michelle added shadow boxes and had her client’s initials hand-painted along the mantel front.
Habersham Jocelyn Dining Table and American Treasures Bahama Sideboard
For the dining room, Michelle chose Habersham’s Jocelyn Dining Table and American Treasures Bahama Sideboard in elegant, silver leaf finishes. French blue tones, found throughout the home, are also found here on dining chairs and in stunning hand-painted wall murals reflecting areas of Chapel Hill, including Franklin Street, shown here.

“Most people think Habersham is a line that only works for grand scale homes. But this particular project showcases Habersham in a different light – showing how well it can work in a smaller space.”

“With the exception of the Hearth room, this home’s ceilings are 9’ and Habersham works perfectly,” Michelle says.

Michelle Murphy

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November 30th, 2014

Michelle Murphy MPM interiors and

Michelle Murphy
Founder, Creative Director, Lead Designer,
MPM Interiors and
Durham, NC

“Habersham is truly a generational line. Every piece reflects a level of quality and craftsmanship that will last a lifetime and be passed down from one generation to the next.”

For Michelle Murphy, the start of her successful career as a leading designer for a discriminating, affluent clientele was a classic case of being at the right place at the right time.

A graduate of Moore College of Art and Design in Philadelphia, PA, she was working in an art gallery to help subsidize her unpaid internship at a Manhattan design firm. One day a couple of interior designers from England stopped by the gallery, seeking artwork for a design show house they were doing for HGTV. They hit it off and when Michelle delivered their artwork choices to the show house, they invited her to join in the project – offering a couple of rooms off of the kitchen for her to design.

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The Cliffs at Mountain Park Model Home

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November 24th, 2014

The Cliffs at Mountain Park Model Home

“We wanted to put our best foot forward with our first project for this builder, so we looked to Habersham.”

Featured Designer: Diane Laskoski, Villa Verona Design | The Blind Side ;
Builder: Fairview Builders LLC;
Architectural Plan by Garrell Asssociates Inc. –

When Diane Laskoski purchased a lot in one of the stunning Cliffs Communities, she got more than she bargained for.

Situated in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains, The Cliffs is a collection of residential communities on millions of acres of protected national forest reaching from Asheville, NC to Greenville, SC. Learning that Fairview Builders, one of the Cliffs’ preferred builders, was seeking a firm to guide the interior design for its model home in The Cliffs at Mountain Park, she saw an opportunity.

The Cliffs at Mountain Park Master Kitchen

She called the builder, shared information on her award-winning, Pennsylvania-based design firm, The Blind Side, and promptly got the job overseeing and directing the design of the 4300-square-foot sophisticated mountain style home.

Habersham Custom Kitchen For Cliffs Model HomeHabersham Integrated Refrigeration Cabinetry for The Cliffs At mountain Park Model Home

“Model home design is challenging since you’re not designing for a single client” explains Laskoski.

“You need to create an environment that appeals to a larger audience, while still making a statement. We wanted to put our best foot forward with our first project for this builder, so we looked to Habersham,” she adds.

With an Interior Architecture and Design Degree from Carnegie Mellon University, Diane calls upon the architectural elements of a home to enhance the interiors and her special touches can be seen throughout.

The home itself is designed for entertaining as evidenced by the kitchen.

As its centerpiece, Diane and her talented team worked with Habersham to create an expansive island finished in Greystone.

Designed so that hosts and guests can easily interact during meal preparation and serving, the spacious island has two dishwashers on either side of the sink.

“Some designers want to put their stamp on interiors regardless of the exterior design direction,” Diane explains.

“We really try to create a harmonious look between the interior and exterior. The Greystone finish used here offers the perfect complement to the Tennessee field stone on the exterior,” Diane says.

Everything about the kitchen’s flow is seamless. A range is right across from the island and integrated refrigeration cabinetry conceals cold storage, also within reach.

Blind Side kitchen-2779

A butler’s pantry, complete with prep sink and wine chiller, offers additional space for entertainment needs.

All of the Habersham kitchen cabinetry is finished in Muslin.

“We designed the kitchen with the Habersham team and it was such a wonderfully smooth experience,” Diane says.

“We met the installer and went over all our measurements and changes on site before the cabinetry was built – and the installation was flawless,” she adds.

At a recent open house, the kitchen was far and away the most popular gathering spot of the home. And it wasn’t just potential homeowners who were drawn to the inviting design.

The model home received the award for “Best Kitchen” for New Homes between $1-5 million in the Southern Home and Barden Bridges Awards presented by the Home Builders Association of Greenville. In addition, the kitchen also took the Pinnacle Award from the South Carolina Chapter of the National Association of Home Builders.

Lodge Room at Cliffs at Mountain Park Model Home

Moving in to the lodge room, Diane also looked to the exterior for design inspiration for her interiors. “The home doesn’t stop at the window,” she said, pointing to the warm , welcoming greys , greens and stones of the exterior.

Here, Habersham bookcases flank the fireplace . Cedar beams and the washed stone around the fireplace enhance the Huntington finish on the bookcases

Keeping Room-6540-edit2

Storage cabinetry for media equipment and more also flanks the fireplace in the Keeping Room. Here too, the interior calls upon stone and natural finishes, like Habersham’s Huntington style, to reflect the exterior.

Diane also used Habersham for the laundry and mudroom areas of the home. Both rooms created challenges with their angled space limitations.
Habersham Mudroom Cabinetry at Cliffs at Mountain Park Model Home

But Diane and the Habersham team worked around those challenges, creating fabulous, functional designs finished in Seaspray.

Habersham Custom Laundry Room at The Cliffs at Mountain Park Model Home

The Master bath includes a his and her vanity designs, as well as peninsula tub by Habersham. For this cabinetry, Diane chose the masculine Brittany finish.
Habersham Master Bath Cabinetry

“I love this vanity. When the door opens, the left column also opens to allow more storage area below,” explains Diane.
Habersham Peninsula tub and cabinetry in Brittany finish.
All of the tile on the floor was custom designed and laser cut, offering the perfect foundation for the cabinetry style.
Habersham custom cabinetry for wine chiller
The space also features a wine chiller right off the master bedroom.
Habersham Custom Bath Vanity

Habersham cabinetry , in the Connoisseur finish, was also used in one of the guest baths. “Habersham got everything right,” Diane said, pointing to meticulous detailing, including the flat area the Habersham team added to the paneling around the mirror to allow for light fixtures.
Habersham Guest Bath Custom Cabinetry in Connoisseur Finish
For her game room design, Diane chose Habersham’s Antique Honey finish for the cabinetry, explaining that it brought out the colors in the Quartzite top, tiled back space and the porcelain wood look of the floor tile.
Habersham Custom Cabinetry in Honey Finish
Laskoski has gone on to open a second location for The Blind Side. Villa Verona Design, a European-style studio in Travelers Rest, SC . This new addition now provides interior and home design and remodeling services for The Cliffs Communities and surrounding areas.

Diane plans to use Habersham whenever she can. “Habersham shares our passion and attention to detail.”

Charles and Jeanne Rinek

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November 24th, 2014

Habersham Featured Home of Charles and Jeanne RinekCharles and Jeanne Rinek

“Habersham offers an old world feeling with contemporary features.”

Builder: Charles Rinek Construction

Interior Design: Jeanne Rinek

Photography by Peter Rymwid

Charles Rinek has been making dreams come true since 1987.

Taking a “concierge approach” to home building, he, along with wife Jeanne, and the rest of the talented team of design professionals from Charles Rinek Construction, Inc., have brought countless dream homes to life for delighted clients in prestigious communities throughout Florida’s Flagler County.

Habersham Featured Home Custom Kitchen Design

“It’s a discovery process we go through together,” Charles explains. “Our clients tell us what they want, and we work closely with them – from start to finish – interpreting their dreams and creating exactly what they’ve been hoping for.”

Habersham Featured Home Range Hearth and Island DesignCharles and Jeanne called upon this same collaborative approach when it came time to build their own dream home in an established neighborhood nestled within Bulow Plantation Ruins Historic State Park. “We built this home around our own aesthetic,” said Charles, explaining how he and Jeanne work together — he designs the home from scratch and Jeanne focuses on the interiors. “We opted for a plantation, Georgian style in keeping with the essence of the neighborhood.”

For the cabinetry, the couple chose Habersham. “We’ve worked with a number of high-end cabinetry companies and wanted something different — something unique for the area,” he says. “We found Habersham at the High Point Furniture Market and quickly saw that it offered an old world feeling with contemporary features.”

Habersham Featured Home Custom Kitchen  Island and Wall Cabinetry

For the kitchen, the couple created an open, inviting floorplan to serve as the true gathering place of the home. “Habersham is so versatile,” says Jeanne. “Thanks to its custom capabilities, Habersham can blend into any home style and when it comes to colors, your choices are limitless.”

To bring a sense of warmth and depth to her kitchen, Jeanne chose to blend light, airy finishes on the range hearth, curio and wall cabinetry with rich, darker tones on the kitchen island and barnwood flooring.

Habersham Featured Home Custom Furniture Design

“Jeanne is also a gourmet cook so we needed the space to be extremely functional as well,” added Charles. ”We worked to make sure that the cabinetry had the ergonomic flow needed for cooking, as well as entertaining.”

Jeanne also worked with Habersham on custom furniture pieces, like the design shown near the breakfast area. “Only Habersham could reach the level of custom work we wanted,” she explains. “What we were able to achieve through Habersham is not readily available from other cabinetry makers. With Habersham, you can sit down with your rep, share your vision, and then work with their artisan team to create something custom-tailored to your every need.”

Habersham Featured Home Custom Dining Room Cabinetry

“For our dining room we were able to work with Habersham to create beautiful cabinetry that didn’t intrude into the space like a piece of furniture might,” Jeanne adds. “It’s flexible, not intrusive and it truly elevates the room. It’s quite functional too, with lighting, shelves for wine glasses, storage and a warming drawer.”

“This is not your typical ‘hutch’ and people love looking at it. Everything is so well crafted. It’s like a piece of art on the wall,” she adds.

Habersham Featured Home Custom Fireplace Mantle and Wall Cabinetry

The Rineks also chose Habersham fireplace mantle and wall cabinetry to help create a focal point in the living room. “This design is especially functional in that it frames the fireplace, provides storage for videos, DVDs and electronics,” explains Charles.

“We also collect art and porcelains and this cabinetry offers a wonderful, non-intrusive way to showcase these pieces. Art is here to embrace your life and Habersham gives us this structural component that’s artful too.”

Habersham Featured Home Custom Bar

Habersham cabinetry can be found in other spaces throughout the home, including a custom bar area, as well as a study, where its traditional, classic style comes together with modern design lines for rich effect.

“It’s part of creating an eclectic space,” Charles explains. “So often people stick to one theme or look throughout the home. I think it’s important to show life within the home by using more than one theme – whether that’s achieving light with color or by mixing trends – old with new, Asian with modern.”

Habersham Featured Home Study Custom Cabinetry

“There is no singular approach to life and that applies to building too,” he adds. “It’s important to keep in mind that there is a certain familiarity that comes with diversity. That’s what makes a home so special.”

Donna and Paul

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November 24th, 2014

Habersham Home Tulsa OK ExteriorDonna and Paul at Home

“Habersham's custom cabinetry helped us complete the vision we had for our dream home.”

Architect: Pat Fox, Fox Architects
Photography by Peter Rymwid

“This home is the topper to my life, a true labor of love,” says Donna, describing the stunning home she shares with husband Paul in Tulsa, OK.
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