Cyprian Hill Design Home Project

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April 14th, 2015

Cyprian Hill Design Home Conservatory Featuring Habersham Occasional Tables

“Habersham pieces bring warmth to a room. You can really feel the difference.”

Featured Designer: Linda Andrus, Founder/Designer, Cyprian Hill Design, LLC

Calling upon her client’s love for the Habersham line, as well as French Country style, designer Linda Andrus has created a lovely, luxurious, and incredibly livable environment for this family of five.

“I feel that the space you live in says a lot about you, impacts how you feel and how you approach each day,” Linda says, talking about her client’s true appreciation for the artistry and craftsmanship that go into each Habersham piece.

This project began when the client asked Linda to help with the renovation of their 6,000-square-foot home in the suburbs of Annapolis, MD. The two were acquaintances through a mutual friend – both had kids in the same school – and Linda was just gearing her design business up again after taking time off to be with her own young children.
Cyprian Hill Home Living Room With Habersham Belmont Library

“My client had a Habersham piece she and her husband bought when they got married and went on to acquire more over the years. She had also incorporated a very traditional Country French style in her home, using a palette of red, blue, and yellow tones. I wanted to upgrade the Country French influence to a more timeless, rather than trendy look — adding softer hues of blue, cream, and pops of red. My goal was to bring a more Old World European aesthetic to the interior.”

They started with the living room. The client’s husband loved Habersham’s bookcases, so Linda chose the Belmont Library System, shown here. She also commissioned faux paint artist, Darren Salta, Rock Homes, to reflect the textures and tones found on the Habersham pieces on the walls and ceilings throughout the home.

“The echo of the Habersham influence on these surfaces really adds a rich feel to each room,” she adds.

Cyprian Hill Design  Home Project With Habersham Occasional Table and Sideboard

For the conservatory, Linda opted to bring a more elegant atmosphere to a space that was previously home to countless toys and oversized, ruffled furnishings. Taking the room style up a notch, she added trim work and incorporated Habersham accent tables and a sideboard in a rich contrast of light airy tones and rich black hand-styled finishes – providing the perfect complements to the soft greenish blue hues of the upholstery and the room’s natural light.

Cyprian Hill Design Project Conservatory With Habersham Occasional Table

For the dining room , Linda chose Habersham’s dramatic Renaissance table design, which makes a statement with its striking wood and metal base and grand top.
Cyprian Design Project Dining Room With Habersham Renaissance Dining Table and  Pompeii Sideboard

Offering soft accents in lovely yellow tones, Habersham’s Pompeii Sideboard, Preston Corner Cabinet and Biltmore Pedestal complete the look .

Cyprian Hill Project With Habersham  PReston Corner Cabinet

As they were working on these three rooms, the client also asked if Linda could expand the project to include renovation of the master bath upstairs. Reflecting the trend of the late ‘90s and early 2000s, it was an all-white master with builder-grade cabinetry and tile.
Cyprian Hill  Project Featuring Custom Bath Cabinetry By Habersham
The client wanted more space and a way to incorporate Habersham’s bath cabinetry into the area. So Linda started by reducing the standard double door entrance to an arched French door. A toilet closet was reconfigured to enlarge floor space for the shower, and a jetted tub was replaced with a lovely claw footed design.Cyprian Hill Project With Habersham Custom Bath Cabinetry

Cyprian Hill Design Project Featuring Habersham Custom CabinetryBringing Habersham custom bath vanity and mirror designs together with a mixture of crystal lighting, wall sconces and extensive trim, Linda was able to create a luxurious oasis.

“You feel like you’re stepping into the Ritz-Carlton or Four Seasons the moment you enter the space,” she adds.

They’re not finished yet. The client is so happy with everything that she has since engaged Linda to turn her kitchen into a Habersham kitchen as well.

At press time, the design work has been completed, appliances and hardware have been selected and a plan is in place to bring the lovely Old World elegance that now permeates the rest of the home to the kitchen. Look for another story showcasing the kitchen on the site soon.

“My client looks at her Habersham pieces as heirlooms …but she’s not planning to give them up any time soon,” laughs Linda. “She wants her children to have the best of everything and these designs will be theirs one day.

“She has such an appreciation for the artistry and craftsmanship that goes into each piece and has passed this appreciation on to her children, too.”

” I hope that the individual Habersham artisans know how much joy they’ve brought to my clients,” she adds.

Steve Burgess – Habersham Artist

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April 14th, 2015

Steve Burgess, Habersham ArtistAll Habersham  Furniture Art designs are hand-painted by skilled artists like Steve Burgess

Matt Eddy Jr. — Quality Control Manager

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April 12th, 2015

Matthew Eddy Jr., Quality Control ManagerWhen it comes to an unwavering commitment to quality craftsmanship and top-notch customer service, it’s all in the family for Matt Eddy, Jr., Quality Control Manager for the company his grandmother founded more than 40 years ago.

From visiting his father and company CEO Matt Eddy at the factory as a little boy, to helping out with company projects during school vacations, to launching his career as Habersham’s sales representative for Southern California and other parts of the western US, Matt has developed a strong understanding of every element of the business over the years.

His hands-on experience, backed by his commitment to the company mission, have armed him with the know-how and insight needed to ensure that Habersham meets and exceeds the specialized needs of its dealer, designer and homeowner customer base.

In his supervisory role, Matt now manages quality control, quality assurance and finishing for Habersham – working with the design and engineering teams to ensure the fit and finish of the custom furniture and cabinetry as they progress through the facility.

“We’ve really stepped up our custom capabilities in recent years,” Matt explains. “We like to say if you envision it, we will create it. From finish options to special features to sizes, we’re always up for new challenges.”

Linda Andrus

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April 12th, 2015

Linda Andrus, Founder|Designer, Cyprian Hill

Linda Andrus
Founder | Designer
Cyprian Hill Design, LLC
Gambrills, MD

“As a designer, there’s a real pride when you can use Habersham in a project and see the look on a client’s face when it arrives in the home.”

For Linda Andrus, her design focus is centered around each client’s personality and style sensibilities. The goal, she says, is to give clients home interiors that truly complement their lifestyles and interests.
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Americana Blue Bird Sideboard

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April 1st, 2015

Habersham Americana Blue Bird SideboardEach month we put a special spotlight on one of our newest designs.  This month, our Featured Product is the new Americana Blue Bird Sideboard.

Part of our new Americana Group, this design features antique hardware and planked panels.  One adjustable shelf with plate groove is also included.

As our designer explained, “We chose earthy textures and colors, but not just browned-down hues.  We went with vivid colors from nature – leaves and sky and water – the things we love and that inspire us with their beauty.  We wanted enough life in the colors to bring life to a room without overpowering it.  Our overall goal was to create works, inspired by God and nature, to help make the home a place where families want to be.”

Visit the Furniture section of our website to all of our Americana designs.

Biltmore® Custom Fitted Furniture Collection Debut|Spring 2015 High Point Market

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March 23rd, 2015

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Americana Acorn Creek Cabinet

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February 28th, 2015

Habersham Americana Acorn Creek Cabinet

This month, we’re putting a spotlight on our new Americana Acorn Creek Cabinet.  Meticulously hand-styled and finished, this  design brings earthy textures and tones together with reclaimed wood for a casually elegant, rustic look.

It’s just one of a number of pieces in our new Americana group, which includes one-of-a-kind artisan designs that bring clean lines, hand-styled details and layers of texture together to create some truly lovely accent pieces.

As our designer explained, “Our overall goal was to create works, inspired by God and nature, to help make the home a place where families want to be.”

Visit the Furniture section of our website to see all of our new Americana designs!

Nadia 2-Door Cabinet

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February 2nd, 2015

Nadia 2 door cabinet

Blending classical and contemporary elements, this piece can add a hint of drama and elegance to any room.

A black finish with meticulously hand-styled floral art catches the eye while Swarovski  crystal knobs , which come standard, offer a touch of whimsy.

This particular design is also offered in other styles and finishes, including our new Valentina and Aria 2-Door Cabinets.  Visit the Furniture section of our website to see these and other designs.

Tutto Interiors Home Project

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January 31st, 2015

Tutto Interiors Home Project Images

“The media cabinet from Habersham perfectly reflected my client’s glamorous style sensibilities.”

Featured Designer: Cheryl Nestro, Principal, Tutto Interiors

What began with a mattress on a metal frame soon evolved into an extensive, award-winning home interior redesign project by Cheryl Nestro of Tutto Interiors.

With the exception of that mattress and frame, the 10,000-square-foot home was completely empty when Cheryl arrived for her first meeting with the client.

“The home is traditional in style and my client showed me a range of inspiration photos that were very glamorous, evoking the look and feel of a different era,” said Cheryl.

After that meeting, Cheryl embarked on an extensive remodel of the home. Among the many things Cheryl did included tearing out walls to open up spaces; adding 9’ and 10’ doorways to the lower level to let the outside in; and converting a former theater room into a basketball court.
Cheryl Nestro Design For Tutto Interiors
“We completely redecorated all three levels of this home,” she says, explaining the complete transformation. “My client is a doctor with a very busy lifestyle so our goal was to create a stylish, yet comfortable home environment that gave him a place to truly unwind.”

As you step into the home, you are immediately transported to that “different era” by a view of an expansive double stairway. Cheryl added extensive millwork to create a sophisticated, stylish ambiance.

Tutto Interiors Design Featuring Habersham
Beyond the entrance is the stunning great room, which features Habersham’s American Treasures East Hampton Media Cabinet.

“These days, it is unusual to work out a great room plan that does not feature a TV over a fireplace,” she explains. “Since the space didn’t have a fireplace, it gave us the chance to house the TV in a media cabinet design from Habersham that perfectly reflected my client’s glamorous style sensibilities. “

From Award-winning Designer Cheryl Nestro of Tutto Interiors
The entire project took 18 months to complete. In addition to recognition from the design community with a Detroit Home Design Award for Best Traditional Great Room/Living Room, Cheryl received what she considered the best reward of all – complete client satisfaction…

“He told me, “I feel my house has evolved into something I never imagined it could be.”

Habersham Winter 2015 Winter Market Highlights | New Americana Grouping, Latest American Treasures, Biltmore® Chateau Reserve Designs

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December 21st, 2014

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