Susan Spath’s Residence

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September 28th, 2015

Habersham Custom Fireplace

“Habersham is timeless. Like that perfect black dress or a favorite handbag, you never get tired of it.”

Featured Designer: Susan Spath, Kern and Co.

Leading luxury interior designer Susan Spath has hit upon an interesting business marketing strategy. She builds and designs her own homes to serve a dual purpose – to live in and sell from. That is, she creates fabulous signature interiors for her own family and then shares these design ideas with her clientele.

“Using my own home as a showroom has been a nice strategy for me,” she explains. “Many times we complete projects for clients that we would love to showcase. However, some clients do not want to open their homes for this purpose, which is certainly understandable. By using my own home, I can give clients a true glimpse of how furniture, cabinetry, accessories and fabrics work together in a real setting.”
Habersham Custom Kitchen Cabinetry
One of Susan’s go-to cabinetry lines is Habersham, which she has used throughout her Rancho Santa Fe home, including the kitchen.

“Everyone always ends up in the kitchen, the true heart of this home,” she says. “So I wanted to create a warm, welcoming and open space that would become the home’s major focal point. I worked closely with the Habersham team to fine-tune finishes and designs and everyone comments on the comfortable, warm feel. ”
Habersham Custom Butler's Pantry Cabinetry
To help create the open ambiance, Susan opted not to use many upper cabinets. Habersham Custom Cabinetry

Rather, she chose an island design with tremendous storage space and also created a secondary butler’s pantry area for additional storage.

An avid cooks, Susan was intent on developing a beautiful, working kitchen — complete with pizza oven, plentiful work space and top-of-the-line appliances.

Habersham custom cabinetry also plays a central role in Susan’s lovely living room.

“I like to include a fireplace in every home I design, but I truly dislike the whole ‘TV over the fireplace’ thing,’ ” she laughs, explaining how she positioned the fireplace at one end of the wall, with a TV area in the center and then a bookshelf and door to the far right. She had Habersham finish the door, which opens into a study.
Habersham Custom Wall Cabinetry
“This design allows us to use the room in many different ways,” she explains. “If, for example, we have people over, those who want to watch TV can sit there, the fireplace area becomes a perfect place to sit and talk…there are now so many uses for the space.”
Habersham Master Bath Cabinetry
Susan’s stunning master bath also reflects her love of large, open spaces. Designed in an octagon shape, it is as fabulous as it is functional.

Her vanity area features a free floating mirror nestled between Habersham’s custom cabinetry designs. Elegant curios up top provide the perfect complement to a vanity base with elegant crystal door pulls and a soft, muted finish. Susan chose to upgrade the base doors for a rich look.
Habersham Master Bath Custom Cabinetry Designs
Habersham cabinetry was also used for her husband’s side of the master bath and Susan chose pewter hardware for a more masculine look.
Habersham Custom Window Seat Cabinetry
Habersham custom bath vanity

Susan also used Habersham in each of her daughters’ bedrooms

“They each were dying to have window seats,” she says, pointing to custom window seat designs, as well as complete closet/wardrobe designs – both from Habersham.

“I work with a number of high-end cabinetry lines but Habersham is very different than the rest. It really has the look and feel of furniture,” she explains.

“It offers incredibly luxurious, elegant looks that exude a level of casual elegance at the same time,” adds Suan. “Habersham has a natural, homey feel that’s just beautiful. It’s very livable.”

Habersham Takes Temporary Leave From High Point Market

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September 26th, 2015

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Susan Spath

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September 26th, 2015

About Susan Image1 680x1024 267x402 Susan Spath  © 2009 Habersham Home
Susan Spath,
Owner and Principal Interior Designer,
Kern and Co.
Solana Beach, CA

“Habersham offers incredibly luxurious, elegant looks that exude a level of casual elegance at the same time.”

As one of the most recognized and featured designers in the San Diego area, Susan Spath did not follow the traditional career path to her current day position.

Interestingly enough, it all started at a restaurant.
Susan Spath Home Design Featuring Habersham Custom Cabinetry
While attending graduate school for her MBA in Marketing — after studying economics and business in college — she secured a job running a restaurant. While there, she met a man who was so impressed that he convinced her to come work at his furniture store, Kern & Co. In 1994, just a year after she went to work there, she bought the business and the rest, as they say, is history.

Blending her strong business and marketing skills with uncanny, self-taught design skills, she quickly expanded the business and relocated it – taking it from a small case goods specialty store to its current position as a full-service interior design firm and retail design showroom located in the Cedros Design District of Solana Beach.
Susan Spath Kitchen Design Featuring Habersham Custom Cabinetry
“I’ve always been very good with numbers and space – I’m very spatially-minded,” she says, explaining how she built her design skills over the years.

As Kern & Co.’s principal interior designer, Susan offers complete planning and full scale luxury interior design services specializing in communities, such as Rancho Santa Fe, where she has been collaborating with top builders and architects for more than 25 years to create custom dream homes for a discriminating clientele. Her quality designs and reputation have also spread far beyond Rancho Santa Fe as evidenced by the numerous projects across the nation and beyond.

Always on the look-out for classic looks and timeless styles, she regularly turns to Habersham custom cabinetry for her projects.

“From the finishes to the craftsmanship, Habersham’s cabinetry is really unlike anything else on the market” she explains. “It’s so uniquely like furniture that it really brings a casually elegant look to the home.”

Biltmore Grand Entry

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September 13th, 2015

Biltmore Grand EntryEveryone makes a grand entrance into any room with this month’s featured product – our Biltmore Grand Entry.  Shown in Basilica White and Warm Silver finishes, this stunning design is part of our new Biltmore Custom Built-in Cabinetry.

You can choose from a number of styles and countless finish options – all designed to bring  Biltmore’s timeless elegance to any space in the home – from the dressing room and wine cellar to the kitchen, bath, library and more.

See the cabinetry section on our website to learn more.

Grand Palais Display Cabinet

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July 6th, 2015

Grand Palais Display CabinetThis month we are spotlighting one of our newest designs – the Grand Palais Display Cabinet – which joined our line during the Spring 2015 High Point Market.

Inspired by the Beaux Arts architectural style that defines the Grand Palais des Champs-Élysées  in Paris, this cabinet promises to add a touch of casual elegance to today’s home.

Finished in  Graystone –75% distress and aging – with a custom interior finish – this piece features two upper glass doors, three interior glass shelves and one drawer with a lower wood shelf.

Catskill Media Cabinet

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June 9th, 2015

Habersham Catskill Media CabinetThis month we put a special product spotlight on our new Catskill Media Cabinet. Like some of our other popular designs, this one evolved out of a custom piece we crafted for a client.

With this design , we looked to some of the styles and characteristics that define the delightful Catskills region of Upstate New York, once one of the most popular resort destinations in the country.  Known for its beautiful woods, waterfalls, and hiking trails, the area, just 150 or so miles from  Manhattan,  has attracted artists, musicians, writers and other creative types who have second homes there.

From craftsman style homes to cozy cabins to other influences that complement the surrounding natural environment, we found great inspiration in the design lines and styles we found here.  And they’re reflected in this new piece, which is tailored to hold today’s slimmer plasma TV sizes, along with other practical storage features.

It features two upper bi-fold doors and three lower doors with six interior shelves. As with all our custom pieces, it’s available in your choice of finish options and sizes.  Visit the furniture section of our site to see more designs!

New Cosmopolitan Finish, Latest Designs Among Dallas 2015 Summer Market Highlights

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May 18th, 2015

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Malibu TV Cabinet

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May 10th, 2015

HABERSHAM MAILBU TV CABINET 17_2185_CHEST-Edit copyEach month we like to shine a special spotlight on one of our newest designs, For May, our featured product is our Malibu TV Cabinet.  Shown in our Graystone finish – with warm silver accents and 50% distress and aging – this delightful design promises to lend an elegant accent to any décor.

Adding to its appeal, it has a TV lift that can accommodate most 40” televisions.  In addition, it has one door on each side, two interior shelves and three false drawers.

Be sure to visit the “Market News” area of our website to see all our new designs!

Spring 2015 High Point Highlights

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April 25th, 2015

Habersham Biltmore Custom Built-In Cabinentry The Spring 2015 High Point Market welcomed the latest collaboration between Habersham and Biltmore® — our new Biltmore®  Custom Built-In Cabinetry. Featuring bespoke  designs for every room in the home, this collection was also joined by  the newest additions to Habersham’s popular American Treasures ® collection.

As we enter into the 11th year of a successful licensing partnership, the new Biltmore Custom Built-In Cabinetry  brings our  custom capabilities together with the unlimited design inspiration of Biltmore.  The kitchen cabinetry shown at market was inspired by elements inside Biltmore’s Louis XVI room and owner Geeorge Vanderbilt’s kitchens, which were originally designed by prominent New York architect Richard Morris Hunt.

Habersham Biltmore Grand Entry 64-7505 BILTMORE GRAND ENTRY Everyone makes a grand entrance into any room with this stunning new design. Shown in Basilica White and Warm Silver finishes.    Part of our new Biltmore Custom Built-In Cabinetry, this elegant entrance is sure to please.   Choose from a number of styles and countless finish options – all designed to bring Biltmore’s timeless elegance to any space in the home – from the dressing room and wine cellar to the kitchen, bath, library and more.

Habersham Tiffany Link Bed

01-5770-K  TIFFANY LINK BED- Part of our popular American Treasures collection, this bed features an interlocking tiffany link pattern with platform railing. Offering a nice mixture of classical and contemporary elements, this versatile, transitional design is sure to add an elegant accent to any bedroom

Habersham Grand Palais Display Cabinet

#23-8152 GRAND PALAIS DISPLAY CABINET Finished in our Graystone –75% distress and aging – with a custom interior finish – this piece features two upper glass doors, three interior glass shelves and one drawer with a lower wood shelf.


01-2385  HAMPTON BREAKFRONT WITH ANTIQUED GLASS DOORS Shown in Habersham’s new Cosmopolitan “Madison Avenue” finish with gold accents.   The interior finish is the new Cosmopolitan “Chiffon.”  It features 4 upper doors with antiqued glass with mullions.  9 adjustable solid glass shelves inside with plate grooves and 4 LED lights.  4 lower doors with 3 adjustable  wood shelves.


17-2185  MALIBU TV CABINET Shown in Habersham’s Graystone finish with warm silver accents and 50% distress and aging.  It has one door on each side, 2 interior shelves, 3 false drawers.  It was a big hit at market with its TV lift that accommodates most 40” televisions.


01-2363 SYMMETRY SIDEBOARD WITH MIRRORED DOORS Shown in Habersham’s new Cosmopolitan “Rockefeller “  finish with Champagne accents.  Part of the company’s popular American Treasures collection, this piece is customizable.

Habersham Catskill Media Cabinet

27-8170 CATSKILL MEDIA CABINET Shown in Antique Honey  finish, this design is named for the  favored mountain destination for urban vacationers from New York City and other parts of the country.  The piece features two upper  bi-fold doors and three lower doors with six interior shelves.


#27-4350 BETHANY CABINET Named for Habersham Founder Joyce Eddy’s great  granddaughter, this beautiful design is fit for a princess!  Shown in Sandemar with richly detailed architectural elements on its front, it can be customized as a tv cabinet or wine cabinet.  In addition, hand-painted art could also be added for a more whimsical touch.

Cyprian Hill Design Home Project

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April 14th, 2015

Cyprian Hill Design Home Conservatory Featuring Habersham Occasional Tables

“Habersham pieces bring warmth to a room. You can really feel the difference.”

Featured Designer: Linda Andrus, Founder/Designer, Cyprian Hill Design, LLC

Calling upon her client’s love for the Habersham line, as well as French Country style, designer Linda Andrus has created a lovely, luxurious, and incredibly livable environment for this family of five.

“I feel that the space you live in says a lot about you, impacts how you feel and how you approach each day,” Linda says, talking about her client’s true appreciation for the artistry and craftsmanship that go into each Habersham piece.

This project began when the client asked Linda to help with the renovation of their 6,000-square-foot home in the suburbs of Annapolis, MD. The two were acquaintances through a mutual friend – both had kids in the same school – and Linda was just gearing her design business up again after taking time off to be with her own young children.
Cyprian Hill Home Living Room With Habersham Belmont Library

“My client had a Habersham piece she and her husband bought when they got married and went on to acquire more over the years. She had also incorporated a very traditional Country French style in her home, using a palette of red, blue, and yellow tones. I wanted to upgrade the Country French influence to a more timeless, rather than trendy look — adding softer hues of blue, cream, and pops of red. My goal was to bring a more Old World European aesthetic to the interior.”

They started with the living room. The client’s husband loved Habersham’s bookcases, so Linda chose the Belmont Library System, shown here. She also commissioned faux paint artist, Darren Salta, Rock Homes, to reflect the textures and tones found on the Habersham pieces on the walls and ceilings throughout the home.

“The echo of the Habersham influence on these surfaces really adds a rich feel to each room,” she adds.

Cyprian Hill Design  Home Project With Habersham Occasional Table and Sideboard

For the conservatory, Linda opted to bring a more elegant atmosphere to a space that was previously home to countless toys and oversized, ruffled furnishings. Taking the room style up a notch, she added trim work and incorporated Habersham accent tables and a sideboard in a rich contrast of light airy tones and rich black hand-styled finishes – providing the perfect complements to the soft greenish blue hues of the upholstery and the room’s natural light.

Cyprian Hill Design Project Conservatory With Habersham Occasional Table

For the dining room , Linda chose Habersham’s dramatic Renaissance table design, which makes a statement with its striking wood and metal base and grand top.
Cyprian Design Project Dining Room With Habersham Renaissance Dining Table and  Pompeii Sideboard

Offering soft accents in lovely yellow tones, Habersham’s Pompeii Sideboard, Preston Corner Cabinet and Biltmore Pedestal complete the look .

Cyprian Hill Project With Habersham  PReston Corner Cabinet

As they were working on these three rooms, the client also asked if Linda could expand the project to include renovation of the master bath upstairs. Reflecting the trend of the late ‘90s and early 2000s, it was an all-white master with builder-grade cabinetry and tile.
Cyprian Hill  Project Featuring Custom Bath Cabinetry By Habersham
The client wanted more space and a way to incorporate Habersham’s bath cabinetry into the area. So Linda started by reducing the standard double door entrance to an arched French door. A toilet closet was reconfigured to enlarge floor space for the shower, and a jetted tub was replaced with a lovely claw footed design.Cyprian Hill Project With Habersham Custom Bath Cabinetry

Cyprian Hill Design Project Featuring Habersham Custom CabinetryBringing Habersham custom bath vanity and mirror designs together with a mixture of crystal lighting, wall sconces and extensive trim, Linda was able to create a luxurious oasis.

“You feel like you’re stepping into the Ritz-Carlton or Four Seasons the moment you enter the space,” she adds.

They’re not finished yet. The client is so happy with everything that she has since engaged Linda to turn her kitchen into a Habersham kitchen as well.

At press time, the design work has been completed, appliances and hardware have been selected and a plan is in place to bring the lovely Old World elegance that now permeates the rest of the home to the kitchen. Look for another story showcasing the kitchen on the site soon.

“My client looks at her Habersham pieces as heirlooms …but she’s not planning to give them up any time soon,” laughs Linda. “She wants her children to have the best of everything and these designs will be theirs one day.

“She has such an appreciation for the artistry and craftsmanship that goes into each piece and has passed this appreciation on to her children, too.”

” I hope that the individual Habersham artisans know how much joy they’ve brought to my clients,” she adds.