Chelsea Dining Table

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February 7th, 2016

Chelsea Dining Table For February, we’re spotlighting our new Chelsea Dining Table. Whether your design sensibilities lean towards formal or casual, classical or contemporary, this design is sure to please.

Available with a wood or glass top, this classically designed dining table features antique mirror within the panels of its wood base for a rich look.

Tutto Interiors Home Project | Howell, MI

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January 30th, 2016

Habersham CUstom Cabinetry by Tutto Interiors

“Habersham’s extensive custom capabilities and stunning finishes help me meet and exceed my client expectations every time.”

Featured Designer: Cheryl Nestro, Principal, Northville, MI

What’s in a name? For award-winning interior designer Cheryl Nestro and her Michigan-based design firm, Tutto Interiors, literally everything. Tutto, which means “everything” in Italian, perfectly captures the full-service home design offerings Cheryl provides to her clients – especially with this fabulous home project.

Habersham Belmont Library System by Tutto Interiors

Located in Howell, MI, this new 10,000-square-foot residential project was, essentially, a blank slate for Cheryl to bring her design vision to life. The clients contracted her to work with them from conception through final production on everything from architectural details and finishes to complete furnishing and styling.
Habersham Detailing
Cheryl oversaw it all, including two complete kitchens on the main and lower level; a grand entranceway with dual staircases; a formal, Paris-inspired living room, and a transitional master suite. She also designed the home’s formal library and a two-story master bedroom closet – choosing Habersham custom cabinetry and furniture for these spaces.
Habersham Custom Cabinetry

For the library, she began with Habersham’s Belmont Library System, building the rest of the space around it
Habersham Custom Cabinetry
“All of the trim work was finished and incorporated to make the Habersham Belmont unit look as if it was built in,” she explains.
Habersham Custom Cabinetry
Faux finishes throughout the space, along with custom lighting, dressmaker drapery and carefully selected accent furniture and accessories complete the look.

The master bedroom has an entranceway that leads to a two-story closet. Working with the Habersham team, Cheryl designed a custom armoire for the closet entrance that is perfectly tailored for her client’s jewelry, purses and hats.
Habersham Custom Armoire

The closet on the second level includes a shadowbox for a wedding dress, custom lighting, plentiful storage and shelving.

Tutto Interiors Home Project
“Habersham is such a versatile line,” she explains. “The vast custom capabilities give me the flexibility to create designs that are as fabulous as they are functional. “

Kellie Burke Interiors Home Project | Milford, CT

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January 19th, 2016

Habersham custom kitchen cabinetry

“I am all about creating unique spaces that are not ‘cookie cutter’ or easily copied. Habersham is the perfect line to help me bring dream designs to life.”

Featured Designer: Kellie Burke, Founder/Principal, Kellie Burke Interiors

Kellie Burke was delighted to receive a call from a new client hoping to use Habersham custom cabinetry for the kitchen and bath spaces of her beachfront home on Long Island Sound.

“We met and I learned more about her and the hopes she had for her beautiful home. She absolutely loves to entertain – hosting parties for family and friends that are renowned for their fun, carnival atmosphere complete with blow-up castles and theme park feel. She’s also an incredible baker known as much for her cookies, cakes and pastries as her festive gatherings,” Kellie explains. “ So she wanted a home that would complement the beautiful beach setting, handle her baking needs and provide the perfect backdrop for her events.”

For the oversized, galley-style kitchen, Kellie started with a large center island in a rich, dark wood finish.
Habersham Custom Kitchen Cabinetry by Kellie Burke Interiors

Lending an antique, Old World look to the space with stately corbels and other detailing, the island offers practical and plentiful storage areas for platters, trays , other cookware and entertaining needs.

She also used Habersham around a beautiful window – framing it with glass curios to house treasured china and crystal from her client’s grandmother. Kellie added a plank wood top over the window and cabinets beneath for additional storage.

Kellie had Habersham’s artisan team paint images of pastries and other desserts on the wall mount range hood as a tribute to her client’s famous baking skills. Additional cabinetry throughout the space provides a lovely complement to a gorgeous, antique tile backsplash design on both walls.

Waterstone fixtures and the exposed front of the Thermador range add a subtle industrial accent that perfectly complements the Old World feel of the space.

Habersham custom bath cabinetry by Kellie Burke Interiors
For the master bath, Kellie looked to clean, simple design lines and soft, light finishes to perfectly reflect the sand and sea just steps away.

With a hint of French Country styling, a Bombay bump out vanity, tub surround, drawers, cabinets and wall paneling complete the look.
Custom by Vanities and cabinetry from Habersham

Biltmore Bar Island

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January 12th, 2016

Biltmore Bar Island

We continue to enjoy our long and successful partnership as a licensee for Biltmore®.  Our design team loves to mine the celebrated North Carolina estate for fresh new inspiration.  Among the highlights of our collaboration is new Biltmore® Custom Cabinetry that brings our custom capabilities together with the unlimited design inspiration of Biltmore.

As part of the new program, designers and their clients can   choose from a number of styles and countless finish options – all designed to bring Biltmore’s timeless elegance to any space in the home – from the dressing room and wine cellar to the kitchen, bath, library and more.

The designs shown here, including the Biltmore Bar Island,  were inspired by elements inside Biltmore’s Louis XVI room and owner George Vanderbilt’s kitchens, which were originally designed by prominent New York architect Richard Morris Hunt.

Explore the Biltmore® section of our site to see even more designs.

Cyprian Hill Design Home Project | Part Two

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January 4th, 2016

Wes and Monica Methany

“We bought our first piece of Habersham on our honeymoon in 1997. Its beautiful, French Country look set the stage for our own home interior style moving forward.”

Homeowners: Monica and Wes Metheny

Featured Designer: Linda Andrus, Founder/Designer, Cyprian Hill Design, LLC

Photography:  ©Marlon Crutchfield Photography

See Part One of Story Here

When we last visited interior designer Linda Andrus, she was moving into the second phase of a comprehensive home renovation project for her clients Monica and Wes Metheny.

At the time, she and the Methenys had completed design work for the living room, conservatory, dining room and master bath of the 6,000-square-foot home the couple shares with their three children in the suburbs of Annapolis, MD (see full story here).

Cyprian Hill Design Home Project Kitchen with Habersham Cabinetry

As Linda explained in our last story, the Methenys were so pleased with how everything had turned out that they engaged her to turn their kitchen into a Habersham kitchen as well.    Since then, the kitchen project, as well as a guest bath,  have  been completed and the results are fabulous!

“Wes and Monica love their neighborhood, friends , home and Habersham,” says Linda. “They bought their first Habersham piece when they got married and have added more pieces over the years, expressing delight about how the line really reflects the Country French/Old World aesthetic they love. As we moved to the kitchen project, the initial focus was on adding a great kitchen island — but that idea started to evolve. They plan to stay in their home and as part of that investment, they were ready to take it to the next level with a full Habersham kitchen.”
Habersham Custom Kitchen Cabinetry For Cyprian Hill Home Project
From a finish standpoint, Monica had always dreamed of a distressed white style indicative of the Country French influences she loved. But Linda felt that a softer taupe tone, together with fabulous lighting, would strike the best balance –adding a warm feel that, Linda says, truly flows with the rest of the home.

“Linda took us to the next level with a more modern French Country look that has truly transformed the feel of our home,” adds Monica. “After buying that very first Habersham piece, I would often visit the company’s website and look at designs in magazines and dream about bringing more pieces and cabinetry into our home. The scale of Habersham pieces is , perhaps, my favorite thing — grand size, the fullness of the legs and intricate detailing. I really love the distressed finishes too. Every time you look at it, you see something new that really reflects the quality and meticulous attention to detail.”

Habersham Custom Range Hood Cabinetry and Island

The island itself is as fabulous as it is functional. In addition to its grand size, it achieves everything the couple hoped for – providing space for gatherings, baking and sharing meals.

Custom Kitchen Cabinetry from Habersham

The island and other cabinetry offer a true study in smart space planning, too. The island includes a beverage center, deep storage drawers, cabinet front storage, and even a concealed Kitchen Aid Mixer with lift. Cabinetry also houses other appliances, including Wolfe dishwashers, refrigerator, and range – not to mention other special amenities like a wine cooler and two separate, concealed trash/recycling areas. A Habersham wall mount range hood with corbels adds an elegant accent while a lovely backsplash, featuring an intricate, interwoven look, perfectly complements Monica’s MacKenzie-Childs™ ceramic dinnerware and accessories.

Habersham Wall Mount Range Hood

What really makes the kitchen , though, says Linda, are the wall panels. “We had already removed the space’s former built-in pantry and existing cabinetry to open up the kitchen area. But as we were going through the initial designs, I just felt something was missing,” she says. “The corbels were fabulous, the finish was perfect, and the overall cabinetry designs were wonderful, but we still needed something that would really tie it all together into a cohesive, comfortable look. And wall panels were the answer.”

Habersham Wall Panels

“So I went back to the Habersham team saying we needed wall panels to help the whole kitchen blend,” says Linda. “The Habersham team was great to work with and helped complete a design that added panels above the sink, door frames, and windows. We also added French doors in the same color and the end result is that the kitchen truly feels like a warm, comfortable cocoon space.”

Habersham Country French Chairs and Harvest Table
The Methenys and Linda also added Habersham’s Country French Chairs and Harvest table to the kitchen design. For an interesting twist, Linda chose to use the lighter, taupe finish found throughout the kitchen on the top of the table with darker tones for the table base and chairs at each end.

Farm Sink With Habersham Custom Cabinetry
“It’s more traditional to use the darker finish on the tabletop, but I felt this treatment lets the eye flow throughout the entire space,” she explains.

In keeping with the Old World feel, Linda chose fixtures, like this stunning Farm Sink , as well as the pasta faucet over the stove, from Waterworks. Like the antique French copper cookware that inspired it, this sink lends a subtle, lovely Country French influence.

While they were working on the kitchen, Linda and the Methenys decided the timing was right to go ahead and update a small guest bath off of the family room on the main level. The space had beautiful wallpaper but the original builder grade sink vanity wasn’t the proper scale or proportion for the space.
Habersham Custom Bath Cabinetry
Linda chose Habersham’s Classical Trumeau and Stafford Commode Vanity – looking to the wallpaper to dictate the final finish colors.

Complementing the look, a crystal chandelier and Kohler products add the perfect finishing touches.

“This project has been a true labor of love – for me, the talented Habersham team and, of course, the Methenys. We’re so pleased with the final result – a home that truly reflects the lifestyle needs , lovely design tastes and welcoming nature of its owners!”

Kellie Burke’s Residence

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December 22nd, 2015

Kellie Burke Chose Habersham For Her Kitchen Cabinetry

“With Habersham custom cabinetry, I can dream up a design and make it happen.”

Featured Designer: Kellie Burke, Kellie Burke Interiors

For award-winning designer Kellie Burke, bringing design dreams to life is an integral part of her philosophy.

”I work to reflect my unique dream, and that of my clients, not a matching, store bought look,” she explains.
Kellie Burke Residence Featuring Habersham Custom Kitchen Cabinetry
When it came to her own home, Habersham custom cabinetry gave her the flexibility and design freedom she needed to bring that dream to life. Twice, in fact…. Just three months after completing her first Habersham kitchen, she and her family returned from a trip to find that a burst pipe had completely flooded the home –resulting in collapsed ceilings and destroying the new kitchen.
Habersham Custom Kitchen Island
Kellie Burke Interiors Custom Kitchen Featuring Habersham Cabinetry

Turning this calamity into an opportunity, Kellie soon embarked on a complete home renovation.

“I decided to make our home more fun, more open, “ she says, pointing to the vaulted ceiling and large, Old World windows.

To help communicate this style, and add an industrial aesthetic as well, she even found huge, vintage beams that she was able to hollow out and apply over the more mundane Microlam support beams for the vaulted ceiling.

“The home is a French Normandy Style so I wanted the kitchen to reflect that Old World, over-the-top style – to really feel as if it were built back then — with a glam, glitter, ‘Newport mansion’ feel.”

For her kitchen island, she wanted to blend old and new elements to help bring the transitional, industrial feel to the space.
Habersham Custom Kitchen Island

To achieve this, she chose a modern chevron pattern to grace each end of the island – which comes together with its grand scale, bold, ornate legs and meticulous decorative accents for a dramatic effect.

As fabulous as it is functional, the island has plentiful and practical storage features and options.

Among them – Legrand electrical outlets, cabinets to hide paper towels and kitchen supplies, drawers, concealed trash compartments, dishwasher and a pop-up Vitamix for her husband to make his breakfast shakes.

Kellie chose a custom-made farm sink for the island center and worked closely with the Habersham design team to see that the cabinetry molding, corbels and decorative elements offered a nice complement.

Habersham Wall Mount Range Hood

A Habersham wall mount range hood with graceful, curving corbels sits over the Viking range – complete with interior spice rack.

Breaking with tradition, Kellie used black and white tones for the decorative, hand-painted pattern along the front and sides of the hood to add to the space’s industrial flair.

Curios, pilasters and drawers on either side of the range house cutting boards, pots , glassware and serving pieces.

The industrial motif is also reflected in Kellie’s treatment of her Viking refrigerator.

Opting not to conceal its stainless steel front, she added an “armoire top” to give it a furniture feel while playing off the industrial look , too.

Habersham Pantry Cabinetry To maintain symmetry with the double ovens on one side of the refrigerator, she chose mirrored doors for the cabinets on the other side.

“The antique mirror complements the stainless refrigerator while showing off the other side of the range hood—creating a great effect,” she adds.

For additional storage, the kitchen has a walk in pantry complete with Miele coffee maker and steam oven.

A backsplash of antique mirror subway tile comes together with the hand-styled finish of the cabinetry to carry through the same Old World, industrial ambiance seen in the rest of the kitchen.

Kellie also chose to wrap the entrance doors and wall corners with Habersham custom cabinetry – a treatment shown here with the arches found in her study leading to the kitchen.
Habersham Custom Cabinetry

“This is where ‘KBI’ happens,” she laughs, explaining that much of her design work and many of her ideas come when she’s working in this space.

“I’m all about creating dream spaces that are not cookie-cutter or easily copied. I want to be able to reflect my unique look and style ,” Kellie says. “Habersham’s finishes are amazing and their attention to detail just can’t be found anywhere else. With Habersham custom cabinetry, I can dream up a design and make it happen.”

Kellie Burke

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December 20th, 2015

Kellie Burke
Kellie Burke
Owner and Principal Interior Designer,
Kellie Burke Interiors

West Hartford, CT

“Habersham is my ‘go to’ cabinetry line as it gives you the flexibility to play with styles and designs and easily get the look and feel you seek.”

Kellie Burke has built a strong reputation over the years for creating fresh, fun interior spaces that perfectly reflect the style sensibilities and lifestyle needs of the discriminating clientele of her West Hartford, Connecticut-based interior design firm, Kellie Burke Interiors. Her work has garnered awards and coverage in media outlets ranging from Hartford Magazine and New England Home to HGTV and Luxe Interiors + Design.
Habersham Custom Cabinetry

Kellie studied design at Skidmore College in upstate New York, as well as overseas in Florence, Italy. During her time abroad, she soaked in the design principles associated with many different countries, including Portugal, Russia, Italy, France, Brussels, England, Estonia, and Scandinavia.
Habersham Custom Cabinetry
After working as a studio artist as well as a faux painter for some time, Kellie established Kellie Burke Interiors, in 1995. The firm has since grown to include a design studio filled with trendy, high style home products and other fine accessories.

She gravitates toward an ‘Old World’ style with modern, functional accents. Kellie is also very aware of the needs of clients with families and is happy to coordinate her efforts to make sure her designs meet all of their practical needs.
Habersham Custom Kitchen Cabinetry
“I’m all about creating dream spaces that are not cookie-cutter or easily copied. I want to be able to reflect my unique look and style ,” Kellie says. “Habersham’s finishes are amazing and their attention to detail just can’t be found anywhere else. With Habersham custom cabinetry, I can dream up a design and make it happen.”

Classical Sideboard

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December 13th, 2015

Classical Sideboard

For December, we’re putting a special spotlight on one of our newest introductions – the Classical Sideboard.

A study in symmetry and balance, this sideboard design can bring a touch of elegance and style to any room. Classical design elements, including arches and columns, offer endless appeal.

Available in your  choice of hand-styled finish options, this piece can blend into any décor.  Visit the furniture section of our website to see our other new  introductions.

New Fall 2015 Introductions

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November 25th, 2015

Download the PDF

Moderne Bedside Table

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November 15th, 2015

01-1712 Habersham Moderne Bedside TableThis month we shine our product spotlight on  one of our brand new Fall Introductions, the Moderne Bedside Table.

With a nod to the art and architecture of the 1920s and 1930s, this delightful design offers an understated, elegant accent for the bedroom.  Available in your choice of custom finish options, it includes two drawers and one base shelf for storage and display.

Explore the furniture section of our website to learn more about this and many other new designs now joining our line.